Brad Paisley Gifts Fertility Treatments To A Couple On ‘Regular Heroes’

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Amazon released its new docuseries, Regular Heroes, on May 8. In each episode, a celebrity virtually visits and interviews essential employees that continued working amidst the pandemic. Then, each essential worker is surprised with a gift to thank them for their hard work. On June 19, Brad Paisley starred as the host of the episode. He expressed his gratitude to a couple of farmers for their efforts by presenting them with a few meaningful gifts.

Brad Paisley meets the owners of Hayden Farm

In his episode of Regular Heroes, Brad talked with Daniel and Danielle Hayden, a couple from Philpot, KY. The couple owns Hayden Farms, where they work long hours to provide food for people around the country. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made it difficult for Daniel and Danielle to keep their farm going.

Brad gives the couple N95 masks

Daniel explains, “Since COVID has hit, it’s been hard for us to get ahold of N95 masks.” Farmers wear masks while working in chicken coops so that they don’t inhale the dust. Chickens tend to kick dust up when they run around, so farmers are likely to breathe it in. Masks help prevent this issue.

Brad Paisley surprised Daniel and Danielle with a FaceTime call. After talking to the couple, he asks them to step onto their porch. Outside, the Haydens find several boxes of N95 masks. Brad tells them that he’s giving them a year’s supply of masks on behalf of Regular Heroes.

The Haydens want to start another generation of farmers

The Haydens bought the farm from Daniel’s parents. Now, Daniel and Danielle want to start another generation to take over the business when they retire. Danielle says, “We’ve been trying to have a baby now for three years, and we’re unexplained infertility.” The couple has visited several doctors to consider their options, but they don’t have the funds to pay for fertility treatments.

To help Daniel and Danielle continue Hayden Farms as a family business, Brad Paisley presented the couple with a few more items. On the FaceTime call, he tells Daniel and Danielle to look under the boxes of masks. There, they see two small boxes, each with a belt buckle inside. The matching accessories are decorated with the words, “Hayden Farms.” Brad explains, “We know that your family farm was recently handed down from your father to you. So, these two matching belt buckles are for you to tie your generations together.” The couple is amazed by the generosity of Brad Paisley and Regular Heroes.

However, Brad doesn’t stop here. He finally reveals the biggest gift to the Haydens. Brad says that he understands how expensive fertility treatments are. He announces, “We’d like to help the two of you with fertility treatment.” This surprise left Daniel and Danielle in tears of joy.

Thanks to Regular Heroes and Brad Paisley, Hayden Farms now has the opportunity to continue the family business.

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