Luke Bryan’s Wife Can’t Walk After Turkey Bites Her

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On June 17, Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline was bitten by their pet turkey. The turkey, Al, chased after Caroline and attacked her. She posted a picture on her Instagram story of the wound. Caroline had blood running down the back of her leg. She said in the post, “Al attacked me…psychotic turkey.” After her friends tried and failed to help her, Luke Bryan and his wife resorted to calling a doctor.

Caroline’s friends attempt to clean her injured leg

After posting about the damage Al did on her leg, Caroline shared a picture of her friend nursing the injury. In the post, she wrote, “My crazy friends tried to clean it…but wine was involved. And Luke’s biking gear.” Clearly, this wasn’t the best solution.

Caroline and Luke Bryan call in professional help

Despite Caroline’s friends’ efforts to make her feel better, she was still in a lot of pain. She reported on her Instagram story, “Now I can’t walk. At all.” So, the couple decided it was time to ask a doctor for medical help. Thankfully, Caroline is good friends with Dr. Cary Gannon, who offered to help while she was off the clock.

Upon examining Caroline’s injury, podiatric surgeon Dr. Cary determined that Al had reached a tendon in the back of Caroline’s leg. This explained why shes was having so much trouble walking. While Dr. Cary cleaned the wound, Luke’s wife filmed the process and told her followers about the tendon damage. As any good doctor would, Dr. Cary showed Luke Bryan how to clean Caroline’s leg and take care of her.

After Dr. Cary finished working on Caroline’s injured leg, she recommended that Caroline get a tetanus shot. So, Luke Bryan took his wife to an urgent care doctor to get the vaccine. Caroline also got a cane to help her get around.

Al continued to cause trouble

While everyone was distracted by Caroline’s injury, the turkey, Al, ran away. Caroline documented this event on her Instagram story as well, with the caption, “Al knew he was in trouble…so he ran away from home.” Because Luke Bryan and his family were busy helping Caroline, their friends, the Framigos, went to chase after Al. After they found the turkey, they brought him back to Luke and Caroline’s barn.

Al clearly doesn’t get along with Caroline. However, the Framigos are apparently very fond of him. Al was even featured on their Instagram TV video on March 27. They tell their followers, “Albert truly loves people.” According to the Framigos, there’s a secret to taming this bird: “You have to establish communication… so you gobble at him.”

After a crazy couple of days, Caroline has received the care she needs, and Al has returned home.

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