Ty Herndon’s Truck Returned After Being Stolen, But Has Bullet Holes Now

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Ty Herndon recently had his truck stolen. Taste of Country shared about what went down and how he got his vehicle back. Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher just had his truck stolen not long ago as well, but he was able to get his back in a better state than Ty. Mike’s truck was in Canada when it was taken and recovered.

Ty Herndon shared what happened

The vehicle was taken last month from his home. Luckily, with the help of the police, he was able to get it back. That is great news, but the condition it came home in is not. The vehicle had bullet holes in it. Ty shared all about it on his Instagram.

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They found my truck.

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Ty is pretty upset about what went down. He said, “Today, I actually got mad. Someone can walk up into my driveway of my house, break into my truck, take it,” he continues, “And it’s gone for three weeks, and I get a call this morning that they found my truck with five bullet holes in it.” He also posted a picture of the bullet holes along with the caption, “If you ever wondered what two large bullet holes looks like in a brand new pick up truck. #hereyougo.”

It turns out that this is the first brand new truck he has ever bought himself. Ty was not happy to hear about the damage but is lucky to have the truck back. He was pretty upset but didn’t explain how the bullet holes got there if he has heard. Hopefully, Ty Herndon will be able to get his truck fixed and looking normal again.

What has Ty been up to lately?

Ty Herndon is still working in music. He recently shared about an event that he was part of. Since artists can’t do their normal concerts, they are having to find other ways to connect with fans. You can check out below how you can see it if you missed it.

There have been several posts about this on his Instagram page. It is obvious that was looking forward to it. Because this event was a fundraiser and also a way to play music during COVID-19, you have to understand why it was so important to him. Fans of Ty love the chance to get to hear him play.

Are you shocked to hear about Ty Herndon’s truck? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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