HARDY Gets Honest With Fans, Hospitalized, Cancels Two Tour Dates

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Country music artist HARDY is being honest with his fans about what is going on with him. He went to Facebook today to share about the extreme anxiety he is dealing with and that he is being hospitalized. He is actually going to have to miss two concerts due to these issues. Keep reading to get the details.

HARDY Reveals Issues That Caused Him To Be Put In Hospital

HARDY shared that he wanted to be honest with everyone and tell them what was going on. He said that he has been dealing with a large amount of anxiety since his bus accident last year. He shared that in the last two weeks, it has taken over his life. This has caused him to go into the hospital. Right now, he needs to focus on himself and being a better person. This is for himself and his wife. HARDY is doing what is right for him.

Because of this, he has to cancel two shows. These are the mockingbird and THE CROW Fall Tour shows. These were supposed to be on October 5 and 7. He said to hold on to tickets because the dates will be changed.

HARDY’s Bus Accident

This accident happened about a year ago last October. It was revealed from photographer and videographer Tanner Gallagher that the bus flipped. Details shared  that it “ran off the highway at around 70mph flipping us into the woods.” He continues, “Within what felt like 3 seconds, our bodies were thrown across the room, knocking us all unconscious. By the grace of God, we all survived. My injuries included a shattered foot, a punctured lung, four broken ribs, and a fractured vertebrae in my neck.” HARDY was also on the bus when this happened.

This has obviously caused him some stress and anxiety. He has to be out on a tour bus now while on the road for his tour dates. It sounds like this is hard on him and HARDY is having to find a way to deal with it all. He is taking care of himself by getting help and going to the hospital which is the right thing to do.

Our prayers are with HARDY during this time. Hopefully, he will be back soon and rocking the stage for his fans. Since he updated fans so quickly about his hospital stay he should do a good job of keeping them updated about what is next.

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