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Luke Bryan
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ryan Luke Bryan has a ton of number-one hits and is a very popular country artist. Not only does he perform well, but he also writes good songs. However, he did not have the easiest start to country music. He also goes into detail about his down days in his early years.

Luke Bryan Gets Started

The country singer moved from Georgia to Nashville to chase his dreams of country music. However, it did not happen right away. According to CMT, it took Bryan six years for his first top-hit co-written song to debut. The song was “Good Directions” sung by Billy Currington. This song is a fan-favorite and some do not know that Luke helped write this song. Luke Bryan released his first album in 2007, however, he did not have a song on the charts until “Do I” in 2009, which was a top hit.

“When I moved to Nashville, I moved for all the right reasons —  just because I loved country music and I loved being on stage, from the second I got here … it just felt like I’d finally found the place for me to be. I never really looked back. Then to kickstart the whole process and to have dreams of writing number ones and performing number ones and being an artist to present day, you look at that, and it’s kind of hard to wrap your head around.”


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Down Days Explained

It was not all sunshine and rainbows for Luke, he had his share of off days.

 “I had a lot of bad news, at some point, I just kind of told myself, ‘Don’t be like that.’ I have my down days, and sometimes I get a little mad … but that’s neither here nor there. For the most part, I think I just love doing this. I didn’t ask to be born to do it, but I think I was born to do it.”

Fans love the fact that Luke Bryan opened up and let people know it was not an easy road to get where he is today.


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It is inspiring to hear Luke tell everyone about his hard times. Fans appreciate the honesty and transparency. He kept trying and got everything he ever dreamed of. Bryan now goes on tours that are full of fans supporting him. He is a judge on American Idol and gains a lot of opportunities. What do you think about his truthfulness? How do you feel his journey has gone? Sound off in the comments below.

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