Blake Shelton Ignores Wife Gwen Stefani’s Big News

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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been rumored to be having marriage problems recently. On top of that, Blake seems to be ignoring his wife’s big news she recently announced. This is only adding fuel to the fire of the situation. What is her big news? Why is he ignoring it? Keep reading to find out.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s Marriage Issues

It has come to fans’ attention lately that the couple may be having trouble in paradise. The two have been spending a lot of time apart and have had several different business opportunities that they do alone. The married couple also spent New Year’s Eve apart. Blake Shelton was performing at a casino between Oklahoma and Texas while Gwen Stefani was in Las Vegas Nevada. However, it did seem that Blake was bothered that he could not spend the holiday with his wife. Blake also recently opened up about the pressure of being a stepdad to Gwen’s three sons. He felt as though it puts a lot of pressure on him to be a good example for them.

Blake has also announced he is trying to quit or at least cut back on drinking. Regardless, he hosts the show Barmaggedon which revolves around drinking and bar games. He recently was seen on Instagram with a red cup in his hand and fans immediately begged him to stop drinking considering he said he was going to and the problems him and Gwen are going through.


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What Was Her Big News?

Gwen Stefani recently announced she will be getting back together with her old band for a performance at this year’s Coachella. Her band No Doubt consists of her, Tony Kanal, Adrian Young, and Tom Dumant. This was huge news for her and she seemed ecstatic. The members posted on Instagram a video of them looking at old memories, then they all agreed:

“We should do a show.”

This is amazing news however her husband Blake Shelton has not said a word about this accomplishment. This just leads fans to think there are for sure problems in their relationship.


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Blake just opened up his new bar Ole Red on Monday. The bar is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Shelton wanted to give future stars a place to go perform other than Nashville, Tennesse. This is extremely exciting, and fans hope he has huge success.

It shocked fans that they were out in public holding hands after all of the weird things going on in their marriage. It is also weird to fans that Blake has not said a word about Gwen’s exciting news. Why hasn’t he said anything? Is their marriage falling apart or is it fine? Sound off in the comments below.

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