Blake Shelton Sends Out ‘Barmageddon’ Renewal Plea

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Blake Shelton is sending out a renewal plea for his super fun reality series, Barmageddon. He desperately wants it to come back for a third season. The show just finished Season 2 but it is questionable if USA Networks will have it back for another go. So, what is the country superstar doing to make it happen? Read on for more details.

Blake Shelton Sends Out Barmageddon Renewal Plea

When Blake Shelton was prepping to leave The Voice after twenty-three seasons, there was one plus for diehard fans. He was going to be starting another reality series alongside Carson Daly and Nikki (Bella) Garcia. It was called Barmageddon and it would feature fun drinking games, celebs, and music. So, fans who loved Blake would still have a way to see him on television just in a different capacity. It has gone two seasons already and people seem to enjoy it but now, Blake is doing all that he can to ensure it gets a renewal.

Blake Shelton-YouTube
Blake Shelton-YouTube

According to The Sun, fans have been skeptical about the show being renewed largely in part to Carson Daly. He had supposedly made a comment alluding to viewership dropping which scared faithful viewers. After Blake promoted an episode, Daly wrote this: “Tell a friend too!! We need more [eyes].” Clearly, that would lead anyone to think there was something going on and it was not good. Of course, fans rallied around the series and let them know how much they loved and adored the show.

Others had this to say:

  • I pray there’s a season 3 of #Barmageddon, me and my mom really love the show since day 1
  • Nikki I’m sad this is the finale of Barmageddon. Hopefully there will be a season three
  • @blakeshelton’s #Barmageddon is quite possibly the best entertainment available now. I hope that there will be a #Season3 in the near future

Shelton Is BUSY

Though Blake Shelton really wants to keep the Barmageddon train rolling, he also has a lot going on aside from that. He has the Las Vegas location of his Ole Red venue opening this month which he has been hard at work perfecting. Plus, he is setting out on tour at the end of February so the renewal of Barmaggedon would just be icing on the cake.

Would you like to see the show come back or are you not that big of a fan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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