Jelly Roll Raves About Zach Bryan

Jelly Roll and Zach Bryan
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Jelly Roll recently gave his thoughts and opinions on country singer Zach Bryan. Bryan keeps getting more popular by the day and continues to go on tour. Jelly Roll has also been becoming more popular recently and is admired for the rise he has taken since being in prison and overcoming drug addiction. What did Jelly Roll have to say about Zach Bryan?

Jelly Roll And His Start

The country singer did not have the best start in life. He was in and out of prison. When he was 16, he was charged as an adult and was in prison for a long time. It wasn’t until he got out, he got his start in the music industry. He is married to Bunnie XO and has cleaned up his act. Now Jelly Roll focuses on helping people who are going through the same things he did in his past. He also makes music that relates to people and helps them deal with their feelings. While he is rising in the country music world, what does he think about another rising star Zach Bryan?


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He Gives His Opinion

Jelly Roll is impressed with Zach Bryan and Morgan Wallen. He feels as though the two are bringing more fans into the country world.

“Country is as big and as cool as it’s ever been right now. It’s a really cool moment to be in country music. I’m honored to be in the middle of the wave that is country music right now.”

However, he does not feel as though he is responsible for making country big.

“Morgan Wallen is almost single-handedly doing that. Him and Zach Bryan to me are doing it by themselves as far as I’m concerned. They’ve brought the national spotlight to the rest of us. We’re all just trying to get a little piece of that sunshine they brought over here.”

Some fans can agree, that both are going on huge tours and constantly putting out new music that fans adore.


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So, it seems he is a big fan of Zach Bryan. Fans are wondering if a collaboration between the two will happen in the future. Zach has sung a lot of songs with other popular artists and fans love everything he has done. Now we just need him to do one with Jelly Roll. How do you feel about what he had to say about Zach Bryan? Do you agree or disagree? Sound off in the comments below.

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