Blake Shelton To Produce Music Competition Show

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Blake Shelton wants to produce a music competition show that is bigger than anything ever produced before. While Blake has been touring and creating music, he knows this won’t last forever and has been wanting to do something behind the camera instead of in front of it. While he has been hosting a show, a judge on one, and more, he wants to have something he created, and he wants it to be bigger than any other music competition show.

Blake Shelton And His TV Experience

Blake Shelton has been a huge part in two TV shows. He was a judge on The Voice until he left to spend more time with his family. However, it does not seem like he did much of that as he has been performing and being a host on a newer show. He is a host on Barmaggedon which is also hosted by Carson Daly who is the host for The Voice. Season 3 of Barmaggedon has not been confirmed yet, but it is a popular show that could be easy to get another season approved. While he is hosting the show, it seems as though he is wanting to get his foot in the door to produce a show of his own.


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New Music Competition Show

It seems as though Blake Shelton wants to be the creator of a big music competition show.

“Barmageddon has been a fun side project for Blake and he continues to wait for word on a third season renewal of the show, but it’s not anywhere near the scale of The Voice and Blake’s ambition is still to eventually produce a music competition show and for it to be even bigger than anything that has come before. What Barmageddon has provided Blake with is more experience producing television on a budget and of course an opportunity to further bond with Carson Daly after their amazing run on The Voice. But Blake wants to go a lot further than that in television and everybody believes he will.”

This is a big task to fulfill but if he puts his mind to it fans think he could make it happen. However, there are big shows and being bigger than them is going to take a while, it will not happen with the first season.


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It seems as though Blake has talked about this a lot to his inner circle. This seems to be his plan once he wants to slow down more and not be traveling all the time. He is doing things to get his foot in the door, and he already has a big name to get viewers to watch. Fans are curious to see if this actually happens or if it will just be something he talks about. Do you think he will follow through with this? Do you think it would be successful? Sound off in the comments below.

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