Dolly Parton Transforms Dollywood For March Opening

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Dolly Parton is a busy, busy woman. On top of her country music career and creating a Broadway show based on her life, the “I Will Always Love You” singer has taken on another gigantic task. The country music megastar is transforming her theme park, Dollywood. More specifically, she is transforming the Adventures and Imagination section of Dollywood.

Why The Transformation?

There are several reasons for this transformation. One such reason is because Dolly Parton wants to add “interactive elements.” Those elements will help the visitors to Dollywood feel as if they are taking the trip with Dolly Parton as she goes from her small hometown to being one of the biggest country music superstars in the history of country music.

Part of this transformation includes adding new technology to the park. “We’re adding QR codes that you often find throughout national museums across the United States, that will tie back to our app and allow for continuous storytelling even when they leave the experience here,” the president of Dollywood, Eugene Naughton, explained.

New Musical Shows Being Added

Dolly Parton is adding three new musical shows to Dollywood. Two of those new shows have yet to be revealed. Dolly must be wanting to keep them as a special surprise for her guests.

There is one new show Parton did share information about. That show will pay tribute to Dolly’s album, Trio. This is the album the “Coat Of Many Colors” singer collaborated with Linda Ronstadt and Emmy Lou Harris to create.

Improvements Are Being Made To Lightning Rod

Dolly Parton is also having improvements made on the Lightning Rod roller coaster. The country music superstar is expected to spend around $4 million to make Lightning Rod a better experience for the thrill seekers who visit Dollywood.

A new high-speed chain will help to improve the ride and it is being added to the roller coaster. Because of adding the high-speed chain to Lightning Rod, it is expected that around a million more people will be able to ride the roller coaster at Dollywood.

All A Part of Dolly Parton’s 10-Year Plan For Dollywood

All of the changes being made at this time to transform Dollywood is all a part of Dolly Parton’s 10-year plan for her theme park. They are all geared towards making Dollywood a “brand new Dolly Parton experience.”

The transformation doesn’t end here though. There are additional plans in the works to improve Dollywood. One such plan is to add a new outdoor resort in 2028. However, at the time of publication, those plans had not been released.

Tell us what you think. Have you been to Dollywood? If so, what did you think of the Dolly Parton-themed park? Are you excited about the transformation of Dollywood? Sound off in the comment section below.


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