Why Was Jelly Roll Not At The People’s Choice Awards?

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Fans are dying to know why Jelly Roll was not in attendance for the People’s Choice Awards. He won Male Country Artist of the Year but was not there to accept the award personally. However, Jelly Roll had a good reason for not being there. He focuses on helping incarcerated people, especially kids. He did not make the best decisions growing up but has owned up to them and strives to be an inspiration to people who are in the same boat as he was. The country singer has been making music to help people get through what they are going through.

Jelly Roll And His Time In Prison

Jelly Roll did not make the best decisions growing up. He was in and out of jail for drugs and burglary. When he was 16, he was charged as an adult and went to prison. This made him want to turn his life around and be something more. Now he is performing for thousands, has a gorgeous wife, takes care of his daughter, and helps people turn their lives around like he did.

“My favorite part of making music is knowing that it is helping people deal with real s–t in their life. wish we could respond to every message we get. wish y’all could see every message and the impacts. From people who the music helped through the death of a loved on , or the ones who overcame an addiction, or the ones who dont feel alone when they listen to it , the ones who have kept from committing suicide by the music.”


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Why Did He Not Attend?

The country singer was not in attendance because he was helping incarcerated juveniles make music. He had promised the children he would be there way before the award show had a date set and he was going to stick to his admirable word.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there. Here’s the truth: I’m actually standing in the juvenile courthouse right now, I just walked out of the juvenile facility. We partnered with the Beat of Life to bring a music program to the kids. This has been on my calendar for a long time. I promised these kids I was coming — I know whenever I was a kid in here I got let down a lot. I didn’t want to be one of the people letting these kids down — I had to honor my word.”

Jelly Roll had a great reason for not being at the award show. It says a lot about his character when he sticks to his word and shows up for the kids. Hopefully, this helps the juveniles change their life around and start making better decisions going forward. He continues to be an inspiration for so many people and makes amazing music. What do you think about what he is doing with the incarcerated juveniles? Sound off in the comments below.

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