Zach Bryan Gains Praise From Fans: Helping After Tornado

Zach Bryan
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Zach Bryan has recently been receiving praise from fans after he helped tornado survivors in Omaha, Nebraska. After his shows were canceled, he went to help pick up debris from a tornado in Omaha. Fans love how genuine Zach is and like him even more, after he did this. Keep reading to find out more.

Zach Bryan Helps In Nebraska

Zach Bryan helped out in Nebraska after a major tornado hit a town. 

“As an American and someone who lived in Omaha for some pretty formidable years of my life, I want to offer some honest prayers and hopes to the communities affected by the tornadoes that tore through them. The band and I are standing with you guys as we are playing some shows in Omaha. I am so sorry to anyone that is having to deal with picking up the pieces of their homes and their lives. Without taking credit from the thousands of people lending a hand who have roots here, we love you so much and we’ll do all we can to help,”

This was extremely kind for Zach to do and fans have expressed their gratitude. He even gave the town some shows after the disaster.

Zach Bryan
Zach Bryan

Fans Praise Him

Zach Bryan is receiving praise from his fans for helping out after the massive natural disaster.

  •  “Not something you see from a superstar very often. That says all we need to know about him!”
  • “Him and Bre are so humble and kind,”
  • “I’m a proud Oklahoman [clap] that man is pure gold,”
  • “He’s just a great man and I love him,”
  • “I just Became a bigger fan,”

It’s safe to say Zach could have gained more fans after lending a hand to the survivors. Some people were not too fond of him after he got arrested for being rude to a police officer. They felt as though he was entitled. However, this has changed their minds about him and now they think he is humble and kind. Do you agree with this?

Zach Bryan
Zach Bryan

It seems that fans applaud Zach for being so humble. It is not often you see a famous star out helping people out of the goodness of their heart. He was not afraid to get his hands dirty and let people know he was there for them. How do you feel about it? What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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