Miranda Lambert Hubby All Over Mystery Woman At Wife’s Bar?

Miranda Lambert - Brendan McLoughlin
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There may be trouble in paradise for Miranda Lambert and her hubby, Brendan McLoughlin, as McLoughlin got handsy with a mystery woman at his wife’s Nashville bar. What do we know about this messy situation so far?

Miranda Lambert And Hubby Seem To Make Opposites Work

Following her split from Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert eventually tied the knot with Brendan McLoughlin, a former cop from New York City. From the moment these two first got together, fans have noted how different they are, and how different their backgrounds are.

Even so, for the last few years, Miranda and her man have proven that opposites attracting can be a thing if you work at it hard enough. In fact, Lambert often points out how she is country and how her husband is all city, and how they somehow manage to meet in the middle.

Miranda Lambert - Brendan McLoughlin
Miranda Lambert – Brendan McLoughlin/Instagram

Brendan McLoughlin All Over Mystery Woman At Wife’s Bar?

Based on the latest tea making the rounds, things may not be as picture-perfect for McLoughlin and Lambert after all, as McLoughlin was seen busting a move at the club with a woman who is not his famous wife. With the way things are looking right now, many agree that he has some explaining to do.

Making matters worse, Brendan McLoughlin seemed to be getting flirty with other women at a bar that his wife owns, Casa Rosa in Nashville. Whatever his intentions were, it’s not a good look, especially when your wife is one of the biggest names in country music.

Brendan McLoughlin
Brendan McLoughlin/Instagram

Miranda Lambert Warned Hubby About Not Embarrassing Her

Even before this incident, with Brendan McLoughlin seemingly getting cozy with mystery women, Miranda Lambert warned her husband about not embarrassing her. As one of the biggest names in country music, Lambert has an image and a brand to protect.

No matter what his motivations might have been, in an age where everyone has a camera on them, it’s not a good look for Miranda when her husband is getting chummy with other ladies at her own establishment. Insiders have said that McLoughlin has the royal treatment in Nashville since becoming Mr. Miranda Lambert.

Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert/YouTube

While there are a lot of perks that come with that title, one has to wonder if maybe he got a little too greedy, thinking he could get away with this kind of behavior and not have it come back in a big way.

Since this incident happened, this has been the talk of the town. When Miranda Lambert warned her hubby about not embarrassing her, this is exactly the kind of scandal she was likely trying to avoid, especially with it all happening under the roof of her bar in Nashville.

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