Lainey Wilson Shuts Down Rumors About Her Drastic Weight Loss

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Country music sensation Lainey Wilson began losing weight after fans started talking about the size of her behind. But are all the rumors about her drastic new look true? Keep reading to find out what she’s said about her weight loss journey.

How Much Weight Did “Heart Like A Truck” Singer Really Lose?

Lainey Wilson seemed to burst on the country music scene overnight. In reality, it took her more than ten years to get her career off the ground.  But when she did, she skyrocketed to the top of the charts. She credits her success partly to the TV show Yellowstone, where she played a singer named Abby in Season 5.

In the span of a year, the multi-talented artist earned Entertainer of the Year at the CMA Awards and her first Grammy for Best Country Album.  Despite her major career milestones, Lainey Wilson’s appearance gained a lot of attention.

Specifically, her derriere.

Lainey Wilson - YouTube
Lainey Wilson – YouTube

With so much speculation on her body, it’s no surprise that people noticed once she started to lose weight. Reports began circulating that the singer had lost 70 pounds.

But she revealed that these reports were incorrect. Lainey Wilson shared the truth about her weight loss in 2023 on the Big D & Bubba radio show.

The “County’s Cool Again” singer revealed that at the time, she had only lost 20 pounds of so. That’s a far cry from the 70 pounds reported in the media!

Lainey Wilson Shuts Down Rumors About Her Drastic Weight Loss

20 pounds is still a significant amount of weight to lose. Rumors flew on social media that Lainey Wilson had used weight loss gummies to help her trim down. Some companies even used the singer’s image and story to sell gummies to unsuspecting fans.

She took to her Instagram to shut down the rumors about how she lost the weight. She said it no uncertain terms that she did not use weight loss gummies, nor did she endorse any of them.

“Alright y’all, by now I’m sure a lot y’all have seen some ads about me losing weight, being hospitalized and then I started taking some weight loss gummies and blah blah blah that saved my life. Well surprise, it ain’t true.”

So, how did she lose the weight? Doing what she loved the best – performing. She said on social media that she lost weight by running around the stage every night on tour.


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Lainey Wilson isn’t the only musician to dispel rumors about their weight loss. Kelly Clarkson was accused to using Ozempic to lose weight. She spoke out and denied she was using Ozempic. She was on a different weight loss medication on her doctor’s orders.

However they lost the weight, both ladies look great!

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