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Carrie Underwood closet
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Over the weekend, Carrie Underwood posted a photo of herself showing off her remarkable bikini body while standing in a closet many women only dream about.

What’s in Carrie Underwood’s closet?

The jaw-dropping walk-in closet is hosts to many practical amenities. Namely, the closet of wonder has its own washer and dryer. Additional “things that just make sense” about the songstress’ closet is a ladder and back-lit shoe shelves. Rightfully so, Underwood is giving fans some closet envy.

Seemingly, the message behind the selfie is to call attention to the first day of summer. Additionally, Underwood plugs her swimsuit from her athleisure line Calia by Carrie. However, the real star(s) of the show are the washer and dryer in the center island of the dreamy closet.

One eagle-eyed fan writes, “Wait is that a washer and dryer in your closet!? That’s genius!!!!!!!” Country Living reports another fan comments, “Love the suite [sic] AND is that a washer/dryer in your closet?” The genius inclusion of a washer and dryer definitely takes out the reservations of having to wash, dry, fold, and put away your laundry.

While fans of the  “Jesus  Take the Wheel” singer may or may not know, Underwood launched her athleisure brand, Calia by Carrie in 2015.  Additionally, Footwear News reports that Underwood is the face of some high-end endorsement deals. Notably, Underwood represents brands including Olay, Almay, and Sketchers.

How to dress like Carrie?

Without a doubt, Carrie Underwood is known as one of the most fashionable women on the country music scene. Luckily, for fans, her style is easily replicated and often times very affordable. Also, fans don’t have to look very far to find staple pieces from Underwood’s closet. Oftentimes, Carrie models pieces from Calia. However, if she isn’t, Instagram account @carrieustylefiles, details where and for how much fans may find Underwood’s outfits.

Popculture outlines some of their favorite looks from the Instagram account. The looks include a cute bikini, as seen in the washer and dryer in the closet photo. Next on the list is a versatile, sheer, blush top followed by various bathing suits, coordinating workout outfits, cute and casual outfits, and vacation styles.

What else is she up to these days?

Without a doubt, Carrie Underwood keeps herself busy during these uncertain times. Not only does she keep up with Calia by Carrie, but she has also two children to take care of.  Just before the coronavirus pandemic hit full swing, Underwood’s book, Find Your Path, hit shelves. Fans are able to get an inside look into her life by viewing the 4-part digital series title Mike and Carrie: God & Country Gutwrenchingly, in one episode, Carrie and husband, Mike Fisher, discuss multiple miscarriages and their faith. However, the couple seems to keep things in a positive perspective.

Only time will tell what fans can expect from Carrie Underwood in her professional endeavours, but we’re here for it! Check back to Country Music Alley for more Country music news.


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