Justin Moore Shares That His Mom Inspired ‘Why We Drink’

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Country music star Justin Moore is speaking out about how his mom inspired his hit song “Why We Drink.” CMT got the chance to talk to Justin and get all of the details.

Justin Moore talk about Why We Drink

This song is a drinking song, but oddly enough the idea came from Justin’s mom. Moore admitted that with COVID-19 and everything going on the name should have been “Why We Day Drink.” The idea for this song came from his mom. Justin shared details.

“My wife and I had gone to dinner maybe a year or two before all of this. We were at a Chili’s or Fridays or something real fancy like that. And so we were there with my parents, and I had ordered two or three beers before our food got there. And my mom goes, ‘Why do you drink so much?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know, I just like it.’ Mind you, she was drinking a margarita at the time.”

That talk gave Justin Moore the idea for this song. It has been a hit with fans, so everyone is pretty glad that happened. He told the story to David Lee Murphy, Casey Beathard and Jeremy Stover and then they came up with the idea. The song came from that time hanging out with friends.

How the song came together

They started out talking about drinking because its Monday or Friday. This quickly turned to realizing that opposites were a good idea. Justin Moore went with it and here we are now with a great song to drink to. They were in a pool talking through it all without even writing it down at first.

Justin Moore did admit that he misses playing live right now with everything going on. Here is what he shared.

“Well every artist is dealing with it. I tell you what, though, it’s strange to have a song going up the chart even though I’m not able to play it and see the reaction from fans.”

His family isn’t used to him being home all the time either. Quarantine has been a big change for Justin’s wife and kids. He admits that he feels like he gets in the way a bit right now. Music is one thing that keeps him happy and Justin Moore likes to believe that it will all go back to normal someday.

What do you think of the way the song “Why We Drink” came about? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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