Dolly Parton Discusses Religion & Politics in Recent Interview

Dolly Parton
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With as bold as Dolly Parton is, fans may think she’s an open book. However, that isn’t the case according to an interview with The Sunday Times.

While sitting down with Dolly Parton recently, Marina O’Loughlin got to learn a lot about the Country music legend. Notably, the pair discusses Parton’s projects of past and present, how life has been since coronavirus, and being a businesswoman. Furthermore, they talk about Parton’s real-life rags-to-riches story, religion, and politics.

Dolly Parton discusses religion.

When it comes to religion, fans may think that her upbringing would make Dolly Parton a religious person. Shockingly, that doesn’t seem to be the case. While speaking about her hopes for what life is like after coronavirus she says, “When life kinda gets back to normal, I’m thinking we’re going to be better people. We’re gonna try a little harder. I have to believe that. I think we’ll be better after this is all over.” It’s at this time O’Loughlin writes that she wishes she “had [Parton’s] faith.”

After some, what seems to be, friendly banter between the two, Parton says, “Yeah, well, don’t be religious because I say be religious.” Which for what it’s worth seems to be solid advice. However, Parton continues, and this part may be mind-blowing. “Because I’m not religious. I’m very spiritual. Even if I knew there was no God, I’d still choose to believe, because I want to believe in something good and wonderful. And I do.” Once again, Parton relates this back to her roots, “like my Pentecostal background- the holy roller of hellfire and damnation. Scared me to death.”

She has no known political affiliation.

In a world where it seems that two of the most controversial topics to speak about are religion and politics, Dolly Parton seems to have spent her professional life not affiliating herself with politics. According to O’Loughlin, Parton’s never declared a political affiliation. Consequently, this seems to be interested as “wanting to keep a deeply conservative Southern fanbase onside.”

Which in hindsight is interesting to think about. This is considering the fact that 9 to 5 was adopted by feminist movements. Even more so due to the fact that during the 1960s Nashville is described as “the most patriarchal of societies.” Some may speculate that rising to fame during this time contributes to Dolly Parton becoming such a formidable businesswoman. What’s Dolly have to say about this?  “I don’t have to be political. I don’t have to march in the street with signs. I have to live my life, my convictions. I’m an entertainer.”

Seemingly combining religion and politics, Dolly Parton goes on to speak about what was going through her mind during the most recent election. She begins by noting how crazy everything is. Everything being the coronavirus and the election.  “You just get up every morning with a rock in your stomach. You have to keep the faith and pray that God’s will be done, not yours. I just want it to be over.”

If anything is clear throughout this interview, it is the fact that Dolly Parton is a marvelous person in all facets of her life. Clearly, her convictions about religion and politics lend themselves to a very successful life and career. Stay tuned to Country Music Alley for more Country music news.


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