Country Singer K.T Oslin Passes Away In Nashville

Country Singer K T Olsin
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Country singer K.T Oslin joins the sad list of famous musicians who passed away in 2020. Just days before Christmas, she passed away in Nashville, Tennessee. Aged 78, most Country fans recall her for her 1987 hit “80′s Ladies.” The Grammy award winner no doubt leaves many fans grieving her passing.

Country singer K.T Oslin dies weeks after Charlie Pride

On December 12, we reported that Charley Pride passed away at the age of 86. In Texas at the time, he passed away from “complications with COVID-19.” Country fans might recall his most famous song, “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’,” which topped the country charts for five weeks. Plus he earned a Grammy for it. However, in the death of Oslin, it’s not clear that COVID-19 alone contributed to her demise.

According to Music Row Magazine, Country singer K.T Oslin lived “in an assisted living facility since 2016.” She was diagnosed with COVID-19 last week, but it’s unclear at this time if that was the sole contributing factor in her death.” back in 2015, she received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. The Hall of Famer, once described as the “most soulful” singer became a strong influencer for women in the music industry, News Channel 5 noted. They cited Sarah Trahern, Country Music Association CEO, who sent in her condolences.

Fans sent in tributes after the news broke

A late starter, K.T only really launched her music career at the age of 40. But, her impact on audiences was profound. Many of them took to Twitter and wrote tributes for Country singer K.T Oslin.

  • “Sad 2 hear of the loss #KTOslin I loved her music & her sense of humor in her songs. Her voice…awesome & unique. Her story honestly… inspired me as a kid 2 think “Just maybe I could do it.” She defied the odds. Rest In peace KT.”
  • very sorry to hear about the passing of another iconic performer today! #KTOslin Your voice will always be with us, and I am sure you will be cracking up the one at the pearly gates!”
  • OMGosh, another loss! I love KT & her music; “80’s Ladies” is an all time fav, along w/”Come Next Monday” …one of the few artists I grew up listening to that I never got to see. She was an amazing vocalist! Heartbreaking news!”

Many similar comments went in for the famous Country singer, K.T Oslin.

Early life of K.T Oslin

K.T Oslin lost her dad who worked in an Arkansas paper mill at the age of five. She and her mom relocated to Houston, Texas and she graduated from the Lon Morris College after majoring in drama. Initially, she made a foray into Folk music, but it went nowhere. Relocating again, this time to New York, she did some West Side Story acting. Back in the day, people might recall her New York commercials. At that time, she began writing her own songs.

“Clean Your Own Tables” caught the ear of a record label and she signed on in 1987. She never looked back, and across the world, many Country singer fans now mourn the passing of K.T Oslin.

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