Carrie Underwood Talks Sons Personality Differences, Total Opposites

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Country music singer Carrie Underwood has two young sons. Well, it turns out that they do not have the same personalities at all. Her sons are 5-year-old Isaiah and 1-year-old Jacob. Isaiah loves to cuddle, but Jacob isn’t like that at all.

Carrie Underwood talks son’s personality

Carrie took some time to speak to a group of reporters. Sound of Nashville shared some of what she had to say about her sons. Check it out below.

“Isaiah was always a cuddler. He always wanted you to be holding him or sitting in your lap or ‘Please sleep with me.’ We had a really rough time where he was just coming into our room every single night at 2 o’clock in the morning. Jake is the opposite. He’s always been like, ‘No, put me down, leave me alone, you’re in my way.’ So, he might be a little more independent. I feel like he’s getting a little more cuddly the older he gets and he seems to be getting a little sweeter, but he’s definitely my rough-and-tumble, bull-in-a-china shop kid.”

Carrie even shared that one of Isaiah’s friends even calls him “Jake the trouble maker.” It sounds like that is a pretty great nickname for Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s son. He may be a handful the next few years.

Isaiah’s love for creepy things

Carrie Underwood also recently shared that her oldest son Isaiah has a love for creepy things. One movie that Carrie’s son loves to watch is the Tim Burton classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. It turns out that this is because he is a lot like his mom. Carrie shared more saying, “He is my child. I like scary movies and the creepy stuff. I swear I have not imposed any of my stuff onto him, this is just what he likes going for.” It is great that they can bond this way together.

Underwood also talked about her son being involved in singing “Little Drummer Boy” on her album. She said, “He did such a great job, and listening back, I feel like he’s just so proud of himself,” Underwood recalls. “He went to school and he’s like ‘my song’s out if you want to hear my song’ and they were listening to it in his class.” That is adorable and you can assume that all of his friends love it.

Do your children have totally different personalities? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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