After Moderate Success Waterloo Revival Announce Break-Up

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Waterloo Revival is a country duo that started working together in the 2010s. The pair created their group when they were just in middle school in Austin, Texas. “We started this as a couple of kids who shared the same passion for music and the same crazy dream to chase it.”

But after two singles charting on country airplay and with no explanation the duo has called it quits. “We achieved goals so far beyond anything we could have ever imagined and met thousands of incredible friends along the way. It is [bittersweet] for us to tell you that this journey and chapter is coming to an end.”

George Birge and Cody Cooper originally self-released two Eps, Little Lightning and Front Row. After these releases, they signed with Big Machine Records. While with Big Machine they released two singles “Hit the Road” and “Bad for You.”

The career of Waterloo Revival

Toby Keith’s record label Show Dog Nashville signed Waterloo Revival in June of 2016. The group had their first Top 40 single “What Guy Wouldn’t” in 2017. And they released another EP in 2018 with three songs. But the duo did not have much radio success. The biggest success the group has can be found on Spotify, where they have a healthy audience platform.

Their song “What Guy Wouldn’t” boasts almost 30 million streams and their six other songs have more than one million. Waterloo’s latest song “Something You Ain’t Never Had” was released in 2020. The song is about finding a new love that gives you more than you have had before. They took a risk and released their first music video accompanying the song. “We are so excited to release a music video for this song,” Birge told Taste of Country after the video preview.

“Taking a leap of faith as it relates to the lyrics in the song, is something we connected strongly to because it overlaps with our journey in the music industry. We have been wanting to work with director Dustin Haney for a long time now and were blown away by his talent. We hope this video helps bring the song to life for our fans and maybe even inspires a wild hair or two.”

Saying goodbye

The pair announced via their Instagram page that they are going their separate ways, but thanked fans for the memories. “We will always be brothers and we will always cherish our experiences together and the memories we made along the way. We cannot thank [every one] of you enough for supporting us,” they said.

Fans were quick to tell the pair that they were sad to see them split. But they were grateful for the music the group created. They were also hopeful that Birge and Cooper would continue to work in music. Some fans wrote that they were excited to see individual projects that the two might create.

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