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Laine Hardy
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Laine Hardy returned from entertaining the armed services overseas, and that gave him an opportunity to perform live. For a long time now, he only carried out virtual tours because of the coronavirus. Now, he’s itching for live tours again, and he asked his many country music fans for suggestions on destinations. The American Idol winner certainly found plenty of answers on his Instagram.

Laine Hardy talks about doing live tours again

Clearly, when Laine visited the armed services at Al Dhafra Air Base in Abu Dhabi, he enjoyed himself very much. And, it gave him another taste of performing in front of a real physical audience. At the time, he said that he’ll “never forget” the experience. Plus, he told the service members overseas that he appreciates their “sacrifice.” Broadway World noted that he enjoys a family connection to the military via his grandfather. The armed forces enjoyed listening to him play things like “Ground I Grew Up On.”

He played one of his fan-favorites over there, Tiny Town. TV Shows Ace reported that Tiny Town drew instant applause from fans of Laine Hardy. Fans loved the homely sentiment about the lyrics where he sang about the Church and the kids going pole fishing. Obviously, he wrote the number in honor of his own hometown in Louisiana. Well, everyone knows that bitter cold hit parts of Louisiana and Texas recently. But now the storms passed and it warms up again. So Laine talked about his yearning for live shows again.

Live tour destination suggestions

On Thursday, March 4, Laine Hardy shared a photo of himself looking cool and relaxed in a tee-shirt as he played his guitar. He captioned it with, “The sun is shining here again and it’s making me miss outdoor shows! Can’t wait to get out there and tour again soon. What cities should I come to?” Well, so many suggestions rolled in that it might take several tours to make them all happen. Clearly, his popularity grows with Country music fans as he gets touted as a future “Champion of County.”

Laine Hardy fans asked for live tours in “Harrington, Delaware,” “Charlotte, NC,” “Columbia, South Carolina!!!” and “San Antonio, Texas.” Indiana, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, California, and more came in. Some fans even asked for international tours to places like Portugal and Cape Town in South Africa. Clearly, his many fans come from across the world. And as his live performances return, no doubt that ends up with international tours as well. Australians who love their country music probably hope to hear and see him play live. So would people in the UK and Europe.

Laine Hardy Live Tour Suggestions
Credit: Laine Hardy | Instagram

Hopefully, the coronavirus soon starts slipping away so people like Laine Hardy can resume their normal live touring.

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  1. you bet his fans would like to see Laine concert anywhere,anytime, as soon as weather permits .Not too worried about covid as everyone knows the safety precautions we have to take to prevent Covid. I waNT TO SEE lAINE LIVE CONCERT THAT i WOULD TAKE COVID AND NOT HESITATE ONE SECOND .wE JUST ARE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT lAINE AND HIS BAND NOT GETTING IT.

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