Lainey Wilson- Constant ‘American Idol’ Reject

Lainey Wilson-Instagram
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Was Lainey Wilson a constant American Idol reject? There are many people who come and try out over and over again trying to get that ticket to Hollywood. Some have these amazing success stories and get to the very end while others never see the judge’s table. Sadly is the story for Lainey who is now one of the hottest names in country music as well as on the hit television series, Yellowstone. So, what exactly happened? Read on for more details.

Lainey Wilson- Constant American Idol Reject

Some of the greatest country music stars have come out of American Idol, most notable being Carrie Underwood, Lauren Alaina, and Kelly Clarkson. Yet, someone else who could have been on the hit series is Lainey Wilson. The Yellowstone actress has created quite a following for herself not just from the Kevin Costner-helmed show but from her music career. In fact, Miranda Lambert is a fan and even chimes in on Lainey’s social media with supportive messages. However, she recently shared that she tried out for the singing competition a bevy of times but never made it.

American Idol-Facebook
American Idol-Facebook

According to Music Mayhem, Lainey Wilson auditioned for American Idol a total of seven times. Admittedly, her road to fame was long and hard, taking a decade of struggles to finally get to where she needed and wanted to be. This included her seven AI auditions. The 31-year-old shared her story during a co-hosting stint on Country Countdown USA. “I finally made it on American Idol. I tried out seven times [and] I took the long way around but finally made it on American Idol [and] I never made it through… never made it past the first round,” she explained.

Lainey Wilson-Instagram
Lainey Wilson-Instagram

This was a nod to the fact that she did end up performing on the hit reality series during the Season 21 finale. It may not have been the way that Lainey thought she would get onto the show. Fortunately, it was even better. Additionally, Lainey revealed that she also tried out for The Voice but also failed to make it there.

All She Ever Wanted

Despite the American Idol rejections, Lainey Wilson always knew that this would be her life’s path. She never wanted to do anything but be a performer and she has succeeded. Admittedly, Wilson never had a backup plan in her life so she went gung-ho for her dreams. Clearly, this has worked out better than she could have ever imagined. She has shows scheduled until the end of 2023 so she is extremely busy and it seems there was no backup plan necessary.

Are you shocked to learn how many times Lainey was rejected from American Idol and even The Voice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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