Jason Aldean Refuses To Stay Quiet: ‘Not Going To Be Intimidated’

Jason Aldean/Credit: Jason Aldean YouTube
Jason Aldean
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Jason Aldean refuses to stay quiet, says he’s ‘not going to be intimidated’ like other artists. What is he talking about? Keep reading for all the details.

Try That In A Small Town

In July 2023, Jason Aldean released a music video for his new song, “Try That In A Small Town.” The song itself hit the radio two months prior as the lead single for his forthcoming Highway Desperado album.

The video, directed by Shaun Silva, immediately caused backlash due to its use of imagery from the 2020 George Floyd protests that turned violent at times.

To make matters worse, the video was filmed at the Maury County Courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee, the site of a lynching in 1927.

Jason Aldean/Credit: Jason Aldean YouTube
Jason Aldean/Credit: Jason Aldean YouTube

This led to critics dubbing the song a “pro-lynching” song, which Aldean strongly denied. However, to appease critics, he did end up editing out some of the images. But he still stands by the song.

Everyone from podcaster Joe Rogan to country star Tim McGraw shared their thoughts on the controversy.

Jason Aldean Refuses to Stay Quiet

In mid-July, Aldean released a statement on social media, denying any ill-intent or racial undertones in the song’s lyrics.

The backlash actually took Jason Aldean to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the first time in his lengthy career. Aldean admitted that his song “rubbed people the wrong way” while co-hosting Country Countdown USA alongside Lon Helton over the weekend.

The country crooner also acknowledged that the controversy gained him new fans.

Helton asked Jason Aldean how the backlash changed him. He compared how he handled the situation now vs. how he would have if he had been earlier in his career.

“I think as a new artist, you’re told not to stir the pot. I’m older now, and I’m not going to be quiet.” – Jason Aldean, Country Countdown USA.

He continued, “I’m at a point in my career where I’m not going to be intimidated. I don’t feel what I’m saying is wrong, so I’m not going to feel guilty about it.”

Highway Desperado Album

The backlash didn’t affect Aldean’s Highway Desperado tour, which continues through the end of October. His album of the same name will drop on Nov. 3.

And yes, “Try That In A Small Town” is included in the 14-track album.

Highway Desperado tracklist:

  1. “Tough Crowd”
  2. “Let Your Boys Be Country”
  3. “Knew You’d Come Around”
  4. “Hungover In a Hotel”
  5. “Try That In a Small Town”
  6. “Whiskey Drink”
  7. “Whose Rearview”
  8. “I’m Over You”
  9. “Rather Watch You”
  10. “Breakup Breakdown”
  11. “Get Away From You”
  12. “Changing Bars”
  13. “From This Beer On”
  14. “Highway Desperado”

Jason Aldean just released the lyric video for “Whiskey Drink,” the latest single off his upcoming album.

Are you excited about Highway Desperado coming out in a few weeks? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. OMG they used a song and video about things that have and will happen in our history! I STAND WITH JASON!!!

  2. My understanding is that Aldean didn’t write the song, nor did he choose the location of the video. Sounds like he just went along with decisions made by his team, as many big stars probably do. He has certainly owned the controversy, though. Credit to him for that. Hope he gets back to just making music.

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