‘Barmageddon’ Season 2 Details Out Now

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Blake Shelton, known for his role on The Voice, co-created and co-hosted the game show Barmageddon. He shows off his charm and wit in pub-themed challenges, demonstrating appeal beyond music competitions. Barmageddon Season 2 introduces a fresh lineup of celebrity contestants. Fans celebrate Blake Shelton’s entertaining dynamics in the show, marking a new era in his diverse television journey.

What Is This Show All About?

Premiering back on December 5, 2022, Barmageddon Season 2. A celebrity game show centered around bars, where stars engage in pub-themed challenges to compete against each other. Co-founded by Blake Shelton, Carson Daly, and Lee Metzger, the show boasts a variety of guest participants. Filmed at Ole Red in Nashville, Tennessee, one of several bars owned by Blake, Barmageddon offers a unique and entertaining take on the competition genre. Blake commented to The U.S. Sun:

“I’m excited about Barmageddon and can’t wait for friends, old and new, to join my buddy Carson and me for some drinks, music, and high-spirited fun at Ole Red,”

Anticipating the showdown between Blake and his former The Voice co-stars, Gwen and Kelly, eager viewers are awaiting insights as he shared with the aforementioned outlet:

“Gwen and I both lost to our competition in Season 1, so when I play her, only one of us can redeem ourselves. Will I have to sleep in the guest room after this episode? You’ll have to tune in to find out! Kelly might have thought she had an advantage because she knows me, but you’d be crazy to count Michelle out. Pretty sure she can kick anyone’s a** just by staring at them.”

Who Will Be A Guest On The Show?

Fans are buzzing with excitement as Barmageddon Season 2 set to premiere on November 13th, 2023. Social media is abuzz with countdowns, speculations, and enthusiasm for the upcoming pub-based excitement and celebrity challenges. Fans are excited for Barmageddon‘s new season with fresh challenges and a new cast of celebrities delivering the show’s unique humor and competition. Fans are excited for the premiere and can’t wait for the show’s entertainment.


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On their calendars, November 13th is noted as a date for the celebration of the return of this beloved show and the indulgence in the fun-filled escapades that await. During Season 2 of Barmageddon, the celebrity contestants will be hosted by Nikki Bella. To name a few making an appearance are Kelly Clarkson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jelly Roll, and Gabriel Iglesias.  Many more famous celebrities will be joining in on the show.

Are you excited to watch Season 2? Are you a big fan of the show? Sound off in the comments below! We love to hear back from our fans!

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