Willie Nelson Shot Up Holy Books For Lifelong Nickname

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Willie Nelson shot up holy books back in his day which led to a lifelong moniker, “Shotgun Willie.” So, what exactly did he and his friends do to warrant this nickname? More so, how dangerous was it but did they have fun? Read on for more details.

Willie Nelson Shot Up Holy Books For Lifelong Moniker

The one thing about Willie Nelson is that he is known for having a good time. He is not someone who hides from fun and some of the tales other artists tell is how they got high with Willie. However, there is another activity that he used to partake in that garnered him the nickname “Shotgun Willie.” According to Whiskey Riff, Emmylou Harris’ former manager, Phil Kaufman told YouTuber, Otis Gibbs this particular story. Apparently, Willie’s tour manager, Poodie Locke, shared that the gius had stolen all the hotel Bibles. What were their plans for them?

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They were going to shoot at the Bible and guess which chapter it would land on. More so, they were placing bets on the chapter.

“Well, Willie and the boys are back there. They got these bibles from the hotel, The Gideons Bible, and they’re taking bets. They’ve got a gun, and they’re shooting the gun into the Bible and they’re taking bets on which particular chapter of the Bible the bullet will land in. So you’ll hear somebody scream out, ‘Deuteronomy!’ and then ‘Bam!’ The gun goes off. There’s a pause and everybody starts cheering. And then you  hear, ‘Proverbs!’ Bam! The gun goes off. Pause, somebody starts cheering…”

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Sounds like they had fun that no one should be trying at home whatsoever. Due to this very unholy game, the nickname came about and it seems to suit him. Moreover, he does not seem to mind it at all and it has not even slowed Willie down one bit. Recently, he just turned ninety and there was a huge celebration to commemorate the occasion. Musicians could not wait to honor him and share tales from his eccentric life.

Next For Willie

No word if Willie Nelson has given up his Bible shooting days but he does have a documentary out about his life. Not a stone was left unturned and all of his secrets are laid out there. From infidelity to money struggles, Nelson remains completely transparent in who he is. This could be why people gravitate toward him so much and relate to the iconic artist that he is.

So, what do you think of the way that he got his nickname? Are you surprised by it or is it very on-brand for the type of guy Willie Nelson is? More so, would you like more tales like that? Let us know in the comments below.

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