How Kelly Clarkson Copes With ‘Mean’ & ‘Vicious’ Comments

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Kelly Clarkson, a household name ever since she won the inaugural season of American Idol, has had a stellar career punctuated by Grammy Award wins and chart-topping hits. But like many public figures, she’s no stranger to the dark side of fame — the barrage of mean and vicious comments that flood her social media feeds. Keep reading to find out the surprising way she copes.

Kelly Clarkson Reminisces With Fantasia Barrino Over American Idol

Kelly Clarkson isn’t the only American Idol success story. Fantasia Barrino Taylor won Season 3 of the competition. After years of personal and professional struggles, she has a major reason to celebrate this year.

Fantasia received a Golden Globe nomination for her role in the remaking of The Color Purple. She previously starred in the Broadway production from 2007 until 2008.

She stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show recently to promote the movie reboot. Fantasia shared her shock at her award nomination and delighted Kelly Clarkson with a story of hanging up on her husband when he tried to tell her the news.

The two also took a moment to look back on their American Idol days. Kelly and Fantasia agreed that they hate watching themselves on the reality competition but have rewatched it.

Kelly said it reminded her of what she could do. “I feel like if I got through that, I can do anything.” The comment earned a high-five from Fantasia. Watch the clip below to see the two American Idol winners look back.

How Kelly Clarkson Copes With ‘Mean’ & ‘Vicious’ Comments

Kelly Clarkson has found major success as a singer, but she also hosts a successful talk show. The Kelly Clarkson Show is now in its fifth season. Despite her popularity, Kelly has her share of haters and critics. The most recent topic of discussion is her rapid weight loss.

After a very public divorce from Brandon Blackstock, her dating life is constantly under the microscope as well.

Singer Olivia Rodrigo recently appeared on Kelly’s daytime talk show. In honor of Olivia’s new album, “GUTS,” Kelly started a discussion about their gutsiest moments.

For Olivia, it was overcoming the fear of performing on SNL.

Kelly’s story revealed how she copes when things are bad in her life. The singer expressed frustration at how “mean” and “vicious” people can be, especially in the music industry.

She reflected on a time in her 20s when she stood up to them. “I was so tired of sitting in a room where men made me feel like s**t,” she said.

“I actually had the guts to finally say…’You know what? Actually, I think this is about you.’ And I just totally said everything I’ve ever wanted to say in that moment,” she continued.

That encounter prompted her to get her “favorite” tattoo: the initials “DC” on her middle finger.

The “Since U Been Gone” singer said she gets the majority of her tattoos “when not great things happen.”

Kelly Clarkson didn’t say who spurred her to get their initials tattooed on her middle finger. But a follower of the Kelly Clarkson Show Instagram had a guess.

I wanna know… WHO was this dc.., or was it really cd??

Another follower replied with the speculation that it was Clive Davis. The music mogul allegedly called her a “sh***y writer” when she was signed to his record label.

What do you think of Kelly Clarkson’s coping mechanism? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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