Miranda Lambert Reveals Her New Alter Ego

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Miranda Lambert is revealing her new alter ego and it is all thanks to Amazon. She recently received a package that transformed her into somebody completely new. So, who is this new person and how exactly did she become her? Read on for more details.

Miranda Lambert Reveals Her New Alter Ego

Being a performer means that you can have many sides to yourself. Miranda Lambert gets to have fun during her Las Vegas Velvet Rodeo show. Her costumes are sparkly with tassels and she just has the best time. Yet, she is always one for a good costume and theme as seen in her Halloween ensembles. For Halloween 2022, Miranda and her husband, Brendan McLoughlin dressed up as Morticia and Gomez Addams. It was perfection and she showed that she loves to have fun and she can pull off a wig with the best of them. However, fans have gotten used to her long blonde wavy locks.

Miranda Lambert-YouTube
Miranda Lambert-YouTube

Yet, Miranda recently received a package from Amazon that changed her world. According to People, the songstress randomly received a package from the online shopping company. Inside was none other than a funky blonde wig but she had absolutely no idea where it came from. Lambert showed herself off donning the wig on her social media, having the best time. “This showed up today in an Amazon package with my name on it,” she shared. Not only was there a wig but a wig cap as well.

Joking about her new accessory, Miranda said: “Here it is if I wanted to just feel a little extra Texas today. Jeez. Tease it to Jesus.” It appears she has named the wig “Daisy” so this could be her fun new alter ego for a boring day off. It’s good to see her having some fun with her life after seemingly being so serious last summer. Moreover, she caught a lot of heat for that.

A Chill Daisy

“Daisy” seems much looser than Miranda Lambert had previously been. She was in the hot seat for getting upset with concertgoers for taking selfies during her show. It was a handful of girls who claimed they took a few seconds for a selfie and honestly meant no harm. Then, footage of her and a beachball reemerged as she said it was a concert, not the beach. So, fans were torn about Miranda for some time. Now it seems that she has gotten her happy and light spirit back which is great to see.

What do you think of her new style? Has something like this ever happened to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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