Lainey Wilson Drops New Single, Puts ‘Cool’ Back In Country

Lainey Wilson
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Lainey Wilson fans have a reason to rejoice. The singer will soon drop a brand-new single, her first new music since she released her 2022 album, Bell Bottom Country. So, what can listeners expect from the new track?

Lainey Wilson’s Last Album Was Bell Bottom Country In 2022

Bell Bottom Country is the fourth album from Lainey Wilson, released back in October of 2022. That means it has been almost two years since her last record. Country fans are always itching for new material from their favorite artists. With the success of her last record, it certainly makes sense for Wilson to want to continue that momentum.

Lainey Wilson’s popularity was bolstered by her appearance in the hit western drama, Yellowstone. Wilson’s songs were part of the Yellowstone soundtrack as far back as Season 2 of the show. By Season 5, she scored a recurring role as a musician, something the Louisiana native knows a thing or two about.

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Wilson Is Proud Of Her Roots

Lainey Wilson cemented her place among the top country stars of today. Because of all the success and publicity she enjoys now, it’s easy for many people to assume that Wilson forgot where she came from. Luckily for her and her fans, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Lainey Wilson is proud of her Louisiana roots, including her accent. She is unapologetic about where she comes from, and she respects the grind even after she has made it. It’s this kind of hardworking attitude that listeners relate to, and it speaks to how she has been able to grow the following she has over the years.

Lainey Wilson previously described her rise to fame like being on a “rocket”. With the release of her latest single, that rocket is only going to continue to soar to new heights.

Lainey Wilson
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Lainey Wilson Set To Drop Her First New Single In Years

Country’s Cool Again is the name of the fresh track from Lainey Wilson, set to drop on February 16. It’s a tribute to the music Wilson loves, and it’s sure to be a big hit in neighborhood bars all across America when the new song drops.

Based on live performances of the new song ahead of the official release, Country’s Cool Again is sure to be a hit. Wilson said herself that this new song is “an ode to my upbringing and the story of my journey in this industry.” It’s a journey that millions of listeners have followed as she continues to grow in popularity with each passing year.

Country’s Cool Again features bluesy guitar chords, touches of Americana, and a whole lot of attitude, especially with Lainey Wilson’s signature vocals. Lainey Wilson has played the song live at various shows in the last few months, but, this official studio release will be something entirely new for her fans to put on repeat.

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