Miranda Lambert Throws Down, Breaks Up Concert Brawl

Miranda Lambert
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Miranda Lambert may be one of the biggest names in country music today, but, no matter how high her star has risen, that doesn’t mean she isn’t ready to throw down, which she did recently during a concert brawl. So, what happened with this situation, and what did Miranda do?

Miranda Lambert Is A Proud Texan

Miranda Lambert is easily one of the biggest names in country music today. She has achieved country royalty status over the last two decades as one of the top performers in the game. However, no matter how much her star has risen in the last two decades, Miranda never forgets where she came from.

One thing about Miranda Lambert is, whether she is in Nashville or somewhere else, first and foremost, she is a proud Texan. At the end of the day, if anyone thinks she forgot her roots or where she came from, she has no problem reminding anyone, when the situation calls for it.

Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert/YouTube

Lambert Plays Show In Home State

Recently, Miranda Lambert played a show in Midland, Texas, at Momentum Bank Ballpark. Whenever she has the chance to play a show in Texas, it’s always a special moment for her. However, things didn’t quite go according to plan based on tea coming out from that show.

It turns out, a fight broke out in the middle of Miranda Lambert’s recent show. More specifically, it was during her performance of Tin Man that things really took a turn and boiled over. When it comes to playing Tin Man live, this is typically a memorable moment when things are stripped down and Lambert gets vulnerable, but, thanks to the brawl at her show, things went a completely different way.

Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert

Wranglers Singer Takes The Gloves Off During Live Set

Miranda Lambert addressed the audience as this brawl took place between ladies in the crowd. Lambert was quick to remind her fans in the audience that she would “come down there,” showing that she isn’t afraid to throw down if she has to.

Miranda went on to say: “I’m gonna go east Texas red on your a** right quick.” She even went on to add that if this girl fight was over a man, “He ain’t worth it.”

This was certainly a timely comment from Miranda Lambert, especially when you consider that her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, was recently spotted getting cozy with other women at his wife’s bar in Nashville.

The other thing that Lambert took issue with was the fact that this fight broke out right in the middle of Tin Man, as she certainly has other songs better suited as the soundtrack for letting the claws come out. Either way, this created another viral moment that fans are surely getting a kick out of.

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