Blake Shelton Ignored At Super Bowl Alongside Gwen Stefani

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Fans were shocked to see that Blake Shelton was completely ignored in the celebrity mentions at the Super Bowl game. They showed Gwen Stefani and put her name up on the screen. However, her husband Blake Shelton was right next to her, and they did not say a word about him. This caught viewers off-guard and confused as to why he was not mentioned when he is plenty famous.

Blake Shelton Has New Opportunities

Blake Shelton has had a lot of new opportunities come up. He is a host on the show Barmaggedon, and the show has become popular among fans. Not only that, but he also just opened up a new bar in Las Vegas, Nevada. The name of the bar is Ole Red and he wanted to give upcoming country singers a place to get their start that was not in Nashville. Blake and his wife Gwen Stefani were also having rumored marriage problems recently. However, the two of them shut the rumors down when they posted their love on social media and came out with a new song with each other. Blake is also going back on tour and has a busy year ahead.

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Blake Was Ignored In The Mentions

At the Super Bowl game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Fransico 49ers, celebrities were shown on the big screen. This included Taylor Swift, Jay Z and Beyonce, Justin and Hailey Bieber, and so many more. On the screen, Gwen Stefani was shown. However, her husband Blake Shelton was right next to her, and his name was not mentioned on the screen. This confused everyone as Blake Shelton is famous and had every right to have a celebrity mention. However, a lot of people also thought it was funny and were joking about it on X. Could it have been because Blake quit The Voice? Or was it an honest mistake?

There is no confirmation as to why Blake Shelton was not mentioned. It could have been an honest mistake, but fans are confused. While it could have been because Blake quit The Voice, or just did not realize he was right there. However, a lot of couples got mentioned together so who knows? Regardless of what happened, it seems Gwen and Blake are doing better since their rumored marriage problems. Why do you think he wasn’t mentioned? Sound off in the comments below.

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