Country Fans Are Not Embracing Beyonce’s New Songs

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Mandy Robinson

Beyonce has a new country album on the way and she has released two songs already. These came out on Super Bowl Sunday. She is trying a new genre, but it turns out that the country fans aren’t really embracing it. Beyonce was one of the things talked about at the big show that wasn’t even part of the show. She really does have a lot of fans who love her no matter what she is doing. Keep reading to find out what they have to say.

Country Fans On Reddit Speak Out

The country fans are talking on a Reddit thread and it turns out that they don’t love her new music. Here is what the fans revealed:

  • It’s garbage. 2013 vibes, cosplaying a person who’s actually seen struggle. Go back to singing about your billion dollars please.
  • It really is a bland song for all the hype
  • Don’t get me wrong, the song is good and no disrespect to Beyonce she’s a great and talented artist. And the 2 songs are great. But they’re not country and she should stay away from it. It’s just a cash grab, and it’s gonna take away from actual country singers regardless of what subgenre they fit into.
  • I wasn’t talking about her. I was saying that John isn’t some poser. He did go to school in the south. GA, I think. But doesn’t matter. Beyoncé can make her crappy “country” song. Country music hasn’t been good in decades.

Some Fans Are Loving Beyonce

Now some people are loving Beyonce and these two new songs. Here is what some of the people who live it shared:

  • An artist of Beyoncé’s magnitude doesn’t have to stay in her lane. She is the f-ing freeway. I’m not even a huge fan of hers but the notion that people are saying she should stay out of country music is insane. Elvis did country, pop, blues, gospel. Taylor Swift did country and pop. Artists of major stature should do whatever they damn well please.
  • I could don’t care one way or another about beyonce. But ppl thinking black ppl need an invitation to the country table WE created is what makes me go ….
  • What can’t Beyoncé do this lady doing country music I love that for her

Do you like Beyonce’s new country album? Will you be listening to more when it comes out? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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