Will Dolly Parton Appear on ‘The Equalizer’ With Queen Latifa?

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Even though Dolly Parton is best known for her powerful voice and poetic lyrics, the “Jolene” singer has quite a bit of experience in the acting world. She has starred in several blockbuster movies and has had more than her share of guest roles on some of television’s best shows. It appears, if Queen Latifah has it her way, Dolly will be returning to television later this year.

Queen Latifah Wants To Work With Dolly Parton Again

Queen Latifah is wanting Dolly to appear on the hit television show, The Equalizer, later this year. The original plan was to have Parton appear in the television show last year. 

The strikes by both the Screen Actors Association and the Writer’s Guild Association threw a monkey wrench in that plan. However, now that the strikes are over, Queen Latifah and everyone else can get back to work on The Equalizer.

Dolly Parton And Queen Latifah Worked Together Before

If Dolly does make an appearance on The Equalizer, it will not be the first time she and Queen Latifah have worked together. They shared the silver screen together in Joyful Noise. That movie was released in 2012.

After filming Joyful Noise together, Queen Latifah has been raving about Dolly. “She is just the most amazing person,” Queen Latifah said. She described the “Coat Of Many Colors” singer as “a real down-to-earth, cool person.” Queen Latifah went on to say Parton was “as funky as anybody.” Queen Latifa also revealed how Dolly Parton had inspired her since she was “a little girl.” 

“So I would love to get Dolly on here,” Queen Latifah stated, talking about her hit show The Equalizer. “That’s my girl. I just love her,” the rapper-turned-actress explained.

Will Dolly Parton Be On The Equalizer?

If Queen Latifah has it her way, Dolly Parton will most definitely be appearing on The Equalizer. The only real issue with getting Parton to make an appearance would be scheduling conflicts. Dolly is quite busy these days.  

Dolly Parton is in the process of putting her life story on Broadway. She has always wanted to have a Broadway musical about her life and she is currently working very hard to get that done. She is in the process of casting that Broadway musical now. Parton is planning on having a contest to find different people to play her at various stages in her life and career.


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Tell us what you think. Would you watch Dolly Parton on The Equalizer? Did you know Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton had worked together in Joyful Noise? Were you aware Dolly Parton had been a inspiration to Queen Latifah? What do you think about a Broadway musical about Dolly Parton’s life? Sound off in the comment section below.   


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