Jason Aldean Wanted Controversial Hit On Radio, Why?

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Country star Jason Aldean ruffled more than a few feathers with his hit song Try That In A Small Town. Recently, he talked about why he fought so hard to get that controversial hit on the radio.

Jason Aldean Drew Line In The Sand With Huge Single

Jason Aldean never expected his hit song, Try That In A Small Town, to be so polarizing. That’s exactly what the song became when Aldean released it as a single. On the one hand, it became an anthem for small-town folk across the country. A rallying cry, even.

It’s a song that speaks to a lot of people. It’s easy to see that it resonated with listeners by how popular it became. It also drew a lot of negative attention and criticism. The good news is, even negative attention is attention at the end of the day.

Viewers who loved to bash Aldean for his song still listened to it. The bad press made people more curious, which only led to more attention and recognition for the singer.

Jason Aldean
Jason Aldean/Instagram

Aldean And Co-Writers Clear Up Confusion Surrounding Hit Song’s Message

Try That In A Small Town has been criticized for everything from inciting violence, to advocating racism, and encouraging vigilante justice. The way Jason Aldean tells it, those messages couldn’t be further from the truth. Speaking about the controversial song, one of its co-writers, Tully Kennedy, said that it’s about “positivity.”

Kennedy went on to say: “This song was not written, recorded, or released with negative thoughts. It was all about trying to fix the things that we thought were messed up. Like, ‘What do we believe?’ It’s important to have that or stand firm on that.”

Jason Aldean/Credit: Bobby Bones Show YouTube
Jason Aldean/Credit: Bobby Bones Show YouTube

Singer Fought Hard To Get Radio Play

Jason Aldean believed in his song and his message so much that he fought hard for it to get rotation on radio stations. Speaking to his record company, Aldean didn’t want to give them just another earworm single. He wanted to go for something “that actually says something, that actually means something.”

“This one’s got some weight to it,” the singer added. “And it’s going to stir the pot a little bit, I think, and make people reassess, hopefully, the way they think about some things.”

Jason Aldean was right on the money when he predicted what his song would do. It hit the radio like wildfire and caught on in a big way, drawing both national and global attention. The music video also has over 51M views on YouTube since dropping on the platform seven months ago.

Jason Aldean trusted his gut, and that gamble paid off big time.

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