Did Jason Aldean Threaten 5-Year-Old Daughter’s Boyfriend?

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Jason Aldean is really not a violent man. Despite this, the “When You Say Baby” singer did threaten his five-year-old daughter’s boyfriend. No one could really blame him, considering the circumstances. Any good father would threaten a boy who has been dating his five-year-old for 15 years. Yes, that does make sense. And, it is a super sweet story no one should miss out on.

Navy And Conway

It all started with Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany, is videotaping their daughter, Navy. That was when Navy, out of the blue, announced she had a boyfriend. Jason Aldean, who is off-screen at the time, starts asking his daughter about her boyfriend, a young man named Conway.

Jason Aldean asked how they met. Little Navy replies with he was “someone who came over for a playdate.” He then asked how long the relationship had been going on. Navy’s answer was priceless! “Fifteen years,” was the five-year-old’s reply. It is doubtful Aldean knew his daughter was in such a “long-term relationship.”

Jason Aldean Gets Protective

Like any father worth his salt, Jason Aldean gets protective of his daughter. What good father wouldn’t? It is a natural response.

“Does Conway know that your daddy will give him a knuckle sandwich?” Aldean asked. “I think I’m gonna have to have a meeting with this guy, what do you think?”

It appears Conway would be protective as well. “He would hit you in the face,” Navy explains, smiling at her father. “He knows karate.”


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All In Good Fun For Jason Aldean

There is no reason to think Jason Aldean is really going to give Navy’s boyfriend a knuckle sandwich. It was all in good fun for the Aldean family. One would be hard pressed to not see the sweetness in this little exchange between a father and his daughter. Despite all the threatened violence, no one could ever doubt the love shared between Aldean and his daughter Navy.

Serving little Conway a knuckle sandwich might be prove to be difficult for the country music superstar this year anyway. The “Try That In A Small Town” singer has agreed to extend his current tour. His “Highway Desperado Tour” will pick back up in mid-May and continue through the first week of October.


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Tell us what you think about Jason Aldean, his daughter and her boyfriend. Was this not the cutest thing you have heard about in a long time? How do you think Jason Aldean handled learning his five year old had a boyfriend? Do you know what a “knuckle sandwich” is? Was that an appropriate response from a father just learning about his daughter’s boyfriend? Sound off in the comment section below with all your thoughts and feelings.

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