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Lauren Alaina recently debuted her unreleased song, BUWS. It stands for Breaking Up With Single. Alaina performed the song live for the first time, and she took things international to do it, debuting the song live for a crowd in Germany. What did the singer have to say about the whole experience?

Lauren Alaina Teased Unreleased Song Weeks Ago

It’s common now for chart-topping artists to tease unreleased songs on platforms like TikTok to build the hype ahead of an official release. It’s a great way to give fans a peek into what an artist has been working on, as well as get people excited for what’s to come.

Lauren Alaina did that a few weeks ago. She shared a short clip of an unreleased song called BUWS, or Breaking Up With Single. It’s a song she wrote for her eventual husband, Cam Arnold. It was a song played at their wedding in early February, a fitting tribute to their journey to the altar, as well as their journey as a couple.

Lauren Alaina Instagram
Lauren Alaina Instagram

Country Star Married Husband In Nashville Ceremony

Lauren Alaina made it official with husband Cam Arnold in a Nashville ceremony in early February. The 450-person guest list included fellow celebs like Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany Aldean. For listeners who have been following Alaina’s journey since her debut on American Idol as a teen, this was certainly a full-circle moment for her, and one she won’t soon forget.

Some of her lyrics to Breaking Up With Single include: “Had a hell of a run, I guess you could say. Had a whole lot of fun, being stuck in my ways. Then you came along and did what no one ever could. Boy, you got me breaking up with single for good.”

@laurenalaina Breakup song 🤝Wedding Song I wrote this for my future husband before our wedding day…. What do yall think?! 🥹 #breakupsong #weddingsong #countrymusic #bride #lovesong ♬ BUWS – Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina Debuts Unreleased Song In Front Of Crowd In Germany

Lauren Alaina is still riding the high and good vibes from her recent wedding to Cam Arnold. So much so that she decided to perform the wedding song she wrote for her husband live for the first time. As a bonus, she debuted the unreleased track in front of a crowd in Berlin, Germany.

Playing a song live for the first time is always a nerve-wracking experience. This was especially true because Alaina decided to do this in front of an international audience. She shared a short clip on social media in full concert attire as she got ready to play her song live for the first time.


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Alaina also included the caption: “when ur about to play ur new unreleased song for the first time ever and it’s in Berlin, Germany.” She then asked for luck from her many listeners, but most were confident that she would absolutely crush it in The Grey City.

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