Lainey Wilson Shares Secret To Her Strength

Lainey Wilson
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Lainey Wilson has made a name for herself on the stage and the screen. She is recognized all over, and she is a bona fide celebrity in the country music space. With so many eyes on her, and many people wanting her attention, she recently revealed where she gets her strength from to deal with all of her trials.

Lainey Wilson Had To Adjust To Her Celebrity Status

Everyone dreams of making it and achieving the level of recognition that Lainey Wilson has in her career. She is recognized everywhere for her music, with millions of fans eagerly waiting for her to release new music or play a show in their hometown.

While everyone dreams of making it to this level, not everyone talks about what an immense responsibility being in the public eye comes with. No matter where you go, people are going to want to stop to talk to you, ask for an autograph, and more.

This may be what most people dream about achieving for themselves, but, getting to this level comes with a whole new set of rules, and is a completely new reality to exist in.

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Wilson Reached A Whole New Audience With Her Yellowstone Role

Lainey Wilson was already an accomplished artist before she ever set her boots on the Yellowstone set. Yellowstone is easily one of the most popular shows to come out in the last decade, with millions of viewers that want nothing more than to get their fix of life on Dutton Ranch.

Lainey Wilson was successful before she ever joined the Yellowstone cast. Her being on the show exposed her to a whole new fan base who may not have known who she was. This was a great career move for her, as it led many people to discover her music that may not have known about her before that. It also raised her profile beyond just the country music space.

Lainey Wilson
Lainey Wilson/YouTube

Lainey Wilson Reveals What Keeps Her Grounded Through It All

Achieving the kind of status that Lainey Wilson has comes with a lot of pressure. Recently, Wilson talked about what keeps her grounded, and what remains her source of strength through it all. According to the Heart Like A Truck singer, she recently told Fox News: “I feel like there’s a few things that keep me grounded. My faith, most importantly.”

Lainey Wilson
Lainey Wilson/YouTube

Wilson went on to add: “I run my mouth a lot, but I talk to God a lot too. I think it’s really important to stay as grounded as you possibly can.”

Her faith is a huge topic that Lainey Wilson often sings about, and it’s clear that she leans on it when the pressures of fame get to be too much.

Wilson recently took the stage with Jelly Roll at the 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards for a powerful performance of Jelly’s hit, Save Me. The bright lights don’t get any brighter than that, and Wilson handles all of it with grace.

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