Carly Pearce Gives Inside Scoop On Touring With Tim McGraw

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We Don’t Fight Anymore singer Carly Pearce is on the road with Tim McGraw. Recently, she dished on what it’s like being on tour with the country legend. So, what did she have to say about her experience out on the road so far?

Carly Pearce Made A Big Splash With Hit Song

These days, when a lot of fans think about Carly Pearce, the first song that often comes to mind is her collaborative effort with Chris Stapleton, We Don’t Fight Anymore. As of this writing, the official music video has almost seven million views in the seven months since it dropped on YouTube.

Songs like this from Carly Pearce are extremely relatable. It’s a song that clearly resonates with listeners. This added exposure has also elevated Pearce’s profile as one of the top country artists to watch. Certainly, she has made enough impact in her career to catch the attention of country legend, Tim McGraw.

Carly Pearce via Insta

Carly Pearce Caught The Attention Of Tim McGraw

When country music fans think of some of the biggest artists who have had the biggest impact over the last few decades, Tim McGraw certainly comes to mind. McGraw is one of the best to ever do it, and these days, well into his 50s, he continues to bring the crowds.

Country music now has a lot of crossover appeal. Artists like Post Malone and even Beyonce have dipped their toes into the pool. There have even been a lot of unexpected collaborations, such as Luke Combs and Tracy Chapman singing a Fast Car duet at the Grammys.

A lot of what artists enjoy today as far as genre blending can be credited to Tim McGraw for laying down the foundation. Back in 2004, McGraw collaborated with Nelly on the hit song Over And Over. It was a huge hit at the time, and certainly paved the way for the kind of crossover potential listeners see today.

Tim McGraw/Credit: YouTube
Tim McGraw/Credit: YouTube

Carly Pearce Dishes On What It’s Like Touring With Tim McGraw

Carly Pearce is a special guest on Tim McGraw’s current Standing Room Only Tour. Pearce recently talked about what it’s like touring with the country legend, and she certainly had a lot to say about what her experience has been like so far.

According to Pearce, she said: “It’s such a joy for me, I’m a ’90s country fan through and through, I grew up on ’90s country, so to be able to be on tour with one of the pioneers…and he is the sweetest, kindest, most humble, genuine person.”


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Not only is Carly Pearce a huge fan of Tim McGraw, but, she is also getting a firsthand look at how McGraw handles business out on the road. This opportunity to learn from a legend is something that Carly Pearce isn’t taking for granted. She went on to say: “So we’re having a really good time, and I’m learning what it means to be a country music star from the best.”

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