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Zach Bryan has been out on the road for his Quittin’ Time Tour. It’s a major undertaking that will see him play shows across the next few months. Recently, Bryan shared an inside look with his followers of life on the road. So, what did he have to say?

Zach Bryan Kicked Off Quittin’ Time Tour With A Bang

Zach Bryan spent a lot of time promoting his Quittin’ Time Tour. This is a major tour for him, his band, and his crew. The tour opened with a memorable turn of events on opening night. Kacey Musgraves was on hand to join Zach Bryan on stage to perform their Grammy-winning duet, I Remember Everything.

This song has been a major hit for Bryan. Winning a Grammy means it also caught the attention of more than just his fans, too. As another surprise, Zach Bryan brought a fan out to the stage in Alabama to sing the same Grammy-winning duet. It’s personal touches like this that continue to endear Zach Bryan to his fans.

Zach Bryan
Zach Bryan/YouTube

Zach Bryan Fans Love His Authenticity

Even though Zach Bryan is selling out major arenas on his Quittin’ Time Tour, one of the things that his fans love about him is his authenticity. As one example, he listened to fan input when it came to putting together the setlist for this current tour. Bryan could very easily play whatever he wants. However, he still took the time to genuinely consider input from his fans.

Another example is when he brought Alabama singer/songwriter Hannah McFarland to the stage to perform his hit song. Bryan removed the duet from the setlist until fans started recording covers of I Remember Everything to convince him to bring it back. Ultimately, McFarland’s cover impressed him the most, and he invited her to the stage to perform with him.

It’s this kind of genuine character that resonates with Bryan fans. No matter how big he has gotten, he never forgets about his fans, or the people who helped him get to where he is today.

Zach Bryan
Zach Bryan/YouTube

I Remember Everything Singer Shares Inside Look At Life On The Road

In the middle of his Quittin’ Time Tour, Zach Bryan recently gave his many followers an inside look at life on the road. The singer shared a series of candid pics on tour. It’s a great way for Bryan fans to see behind the curtain, and to catch a glimpse of what life is like out on the road.

Bryan and his crew have a little bit of time off before resuming shows in cities across America. With this time off to “take a breath,” Bryan has a little bit of downtime to reflect on the journey so far. He thanked all of his fans who came out to shows in March. The Quittin’ Time Tour is only a month in, and already, it has been a major success.


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With the Quittin’ Time Tour continuing all the way through December, Bryan fans still have plenty of time to catch him out on the road.

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