Jelly Roll Not Ready To Give Up Running 5Ks

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Jelly Roll just admitted that he is not ready to give up running 5K races just yet. In fact, he thinks that they help him be better in many ways. He just ran his first and was thrilled with the outcome. So, what other takeaways did the country superstar have from his Tuesday, May 7th 5K? Keep reading for more details.

Jelly Roll Not Ready To Give Up Running 5Ks

When Jelly Roll announced that he would be running the 2 Bears 5k, it was a big deal. Mainly because he was going to start training for it and doubted that he would actually be running. He believed he would be briskly walking the whole race which was fine as long as he made it to the end. Jelly started training several months ago and it has helped shape him in more ways than one. He has a huge year ahead of him as his Beautifully Broken Tour begins in August. This will be the biggest tour of his career and will run through the end of October 2024.

Jelly Roll-YouTube
Jelly Roll-YouTube

More so, he has shows throughout all of 2024 which have included Stagecoach. What Jelly did love was how much weight he dropped in the 5K training process. He lost over 70 pounds and is hoping to keep the momentum up for the tour to lose another 100 pounds. His lifestyle has completely changed and with that, TMZ reports that he wants to keep living the 5K life. After the race, Jelly had this to say:

“I truly have lost like 70 pounds getting ready for this. I’ve been training a few days a week pretty hard. It was still rough. It was cool though.”

When all was said and done with the race, the father of two was visibly emotional, and with good reason. He made it to the finish line. More so, he wants to keep going for gold. At the same time, Jelly had no idea the excitement and fanfare that accompanied a 5K. He saw the tailgating and drinking so if he knew that was a part of it, he would have done one far earlier.

Another One Coming

Jelly Roll may have just finished this 5K but he shared he is ready for the next because he feels incredible about himself:

“It feels really good prioritizing my physical and mental health. Man, it’s funny, in life we think money will solve all our problems. And then God blessed me with some of it and I realized it didn’t solve ’em. I realized health is wealth.”

He has long struggled with his weight which he has been cyberbullied over. His wife, Bunnie XO got candid on her Dumb Blonde podcast about how this makes Jelly feel. No matter how hard he tries to ignore it, it does get to him and it is not fair but it does happen, even to the best of them.

Are you proud of Jelly Roll for achieving this and wanting to keep going? Let us know in the comments below.

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