Jelly Roll Rides Shotgun With Kid Rock In Rebellious Act

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Jelly Roll recently rode shotgun as Kid Rock performed one of his biggest hits in front of a huge audience. So, what was it about this recent performance that made such a statement?

Kid Rock Decked Out Tesla Cybertruck For Epic Performance

Kid Rock delivered a memorable performance on Saturday night during his Rock N Rodeo show outside of Dallas, Texas. He decked out his Tesla Cybertruck to look like the original 1969 orange Dodge Charger from the Dukes of Hazzard.

The singer already owns the original General Lee car. However, during his performance on Saturday night, he rode in with some famous guests as well. Driving the decked-out Cybertruck was none other than John Schneider, the original Bo Duke actor.

Along with that, Jelly Roll happened to be in the passenger seat. Together, they made quite the trio as Kid Rock went right into his hit single.

Kid Rock/Credit: WWE YouTube
Kid Rock/Credit: WWE YouTube

Singer Performs Cowboy With Memorable Entrance

With Dukes of Hazzard actor John Schneider at the wheel and Jelly Roll riding shotgun, Kid Rock kicked things off by standing in the bed of his Cybertruck and delivering the kind of performance that listeners have come to expect from him, all while the truck was moving.

As for Jelly Roll, the Need A Favor singer eventually joined Kid Rock, turning the end of Cowboy into a duet. Of course, even though Jelly Roll is a likable, friendly guy, he has also never shied away from talking about some of the questionable things he has done in the past. However, Jelly teaming up with Kid Rock and Schneider the way he did also rubbed some viewers the wrong way.

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Jelly Roll Makes Political Statement With Latest Publicity Stunt?

Jelly Roll is one of those people that everyone loves. Whether he’s rubbing elbows with the biggest stars or embracing fans in a local Walmart, Jelly is one of only a handful of universally liked individuals in the entertainment space, especially at the level he is at.

@chelle7usa Kid Rocks Rock N Rodeo!!!! With a little Jelly Roll!!! @officialkidrock001 @Jelly Roll @PBR #rodeo #attstadium #arlington #texas #mynameiskidrock #kidrock #jellyroll ♬ original sound – Michelle

At the same time, aligning himself with John Schneider and Kid Rock is a public statement that a lot of people are noticing. Both Schneider and Kid Rock are unquestionably far-right in terms of where their political affiliations lie. So, it could certainly go against the family-friendly image that Jelly Roll has maintained so far.

@mrs.megan.west Pretty good view of Kid Rock and Jelly Roll 🤘🏼 #kidrock #rocknrodeo #pbr #jellyroll #cowboy @Jelly Roll ♬ original sound – Megan West

On the other side of that coin, and for those who aren’t reading too much into it, it was also a memorable duet of Cowboy between Kid Rock and Jelly Roll. This is also proof that Jelly Roll’s appeal extends to everyone, no matter which side of the aisle they are on.

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