Brianna Chickenfry Was Afraid She Killed Zach Bryan In Car Crash

Brianna Chickenfry and Zach Bryan/Credit: Instagram
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Country singer Zach Bryan and his girlfriend Brianna Chickenfry were in a terrifying car crash in May. The social media influencer shares new details about the car, including her fears that she had killed him.

Brianna Chickenfry Shares Harrowing Details About Wreck

Barstool Sports podcaster Brianna Chickenfry (real name Brianna LaPaglia) documented her dream of meeting country singer Zach Bryan at the Academy of Country Music Awards in May 2023. Romance rumors started to swirl after she joined him on stage at one of his concerts in New York City the next month.

She finally confirmed they were dating in July after he reportedly slid into her DMs. They took a road trip from Philly to Oklahoma and “haven’t separated since.”

But they were almost permanently separated last month after a harrowing vehicle crash. She shared a TikTok discussing the traumatic event a few days after the incident but didn’t go into detail on how it happened.

Brianna Chickenfry joined Bachelor Nation’s Nick Viall for an episode of his podcast earlier this week. She shared more details on The Viall Files about the scary accident that happened last month on Mother’s Day.

Zach Bryan and Brianna Chickenfry/Credit: Instagram
Zach Bryan and Brianna Chickenfry/Credit: Instagram

According to Zach Bryan’s lady love, the two were having a fun day off from his extensive tour. They were spending the day relaxing on a farm in the singer’s home state of Oklahoma. She revealed that after they’d gone fishing, they decided to take a ride around the farm in an ATV-type vehicle that she described as “a golf cart on steroids.”

“We weren’t expecting anything terrible to happen, we’re, like, on the side of a hill. We just turned wrong and all the weight went on one side and we rolled, like, three times. Everything shattered.”

Was Afraid She Killed Zach Bryan

Brianna Chickenfry said that she walked away from the crash with minor injuries, but Zach Bryan was bleeding profusely from his arm. She recalled wondering, “I’m driving, so I’m like, ‘Did I just kill my f–king boyfriend?’”

They were concerned that the singer may have severed an artery in the crash. “We actually thought Zach was dying because we were on the side of the mountain, and he had cut open his whole arm.”

Luckily, he only needed a few stitches. She told Nick Viall that the country star took care of her after the crash because she was in shock from seeing so much blood. So, how did they survive such a serious crash? She has her theories.

Why She Thinks They Survived

The internet personality credited seat belts as one reason they survived the vehicle rolling several times. She said that she usually doesn’t wear one but insisted they both buckle up that day for some reason.

Zach Bryan and Brianna Chickenfry/Credit: Zach Bryan Instagram
Zach Bryan and Brianna Chickenfry/Credit: Zach Bryan Instagram

She also believes Zach Bryan’s mom, who passed away in 2016, was watching over them.

“It was Mother’s Day and his mom had passed away, so we think it was his mom in some weird world,”

Zach Bryan fans can rejoice that he’s still around to make new music. He has an album coming out later this year.

Do you think his mom might be his guardian angel? Sound off in the comments.

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