Zach Bryan Angry Over Radio Play Of Latest Single

Zach Bryan/Credit: YouTube
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Zach Bryan was excited to share a new song from his upcoming album with fans. Instead, he expressed his frustration at the song’s radio play. Keep reading to find out what happened.

New Album Coming Soon

Zach Bryan is one artist who doesn’t make his fans wait for new music. He regularly releases an album per year, sometimes more. Released in 2022, American Heartbreak was his breakthrough album, but it was actually his third studio album. A year later, he broke records when his self-titled album went straight to the top of the Billboard charts at the same time that a single from the album topped the Hot 100.

Zach Bryan/Credit: YouTube
Zach Bryan/Credit: YouTube

A month after Zach Bryan was released, the singer dropped an EP called Boys of Faith, which featured collaborations with both Bon Iver and Noah Kahan.

The singer’s fifth studio album, The Great American Bar Scene, comes out later this year.  He’s already planning his next album. “I have one record left after The Great American Bar Scene, if it’s acoustic don’t mind it,” he teased on social media.

Zach Bryan was eager to share the first single from the upcoming album. However, things didn’t go as he planned.

Zach Bryan Angry Over Radio Play Of Latest Single

Zach Bryan revealed on Twitter that his latest single, “Pink Skies” had been sent to pop radios for airplay. He didn’t know anything about the decision from his label, nor did he approve it.

The “Something in the Orange” singer was not happy about the song being serviced to pop radio, taking to social media to voice his displeasure. He addressed the issue in a series of posts. “This is f**ked, I never approved this, why is Pink Skies at Pop radio,” he vented.

Credit: Zach Bryan Twitter
Credit: Zach Bryan Twitter

The move has sparked backlash, with some accusing Bryan of acting like a diva. Fans and critics alike are questioning why Bryan is upset about his music reaching a wider audience. Check out some of the reactions his post got:

  • Just go with it man. As long as you made what you wanted to make it doesn’t matter what labels people put on it.
  • Pop radio can play anything it wants. Why are you getting so upset by your song being embraced?
  • Pink Skies isn’t exactly country or rock either. How can you criticize radio for NOT playing your songs then in the same breath criticize them for playing them?
  • Gate keeping your music. Weird flex.
  • I scratch my head at some of the things you get so sideways about?! Just enjoy the ride until the wheels fall off.
  • He is the biggest diva in music today. No one whines more than him. Exactly why his music fits right in in pop radio

He Apologizes

Surprisingly, Zach Bryan hasn’t deactivated his social media in the wake of pushback. Instead, the singer returned to Twitter with an apology. Sorry for cursing so much earlier. It was a misunderstanding and I’ve been watching too much House of Cards on my time off let’s goOOO CALIFORNIA,” he wrote.

Do you think he was wrong for getting upset over his song being sent to pop radio? Sound off in the comments.

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