Jelly Roll Begs To Sing With Country Music Superstar

Jelly Roll/Credit: YouTube
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Jelly Roll has already collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, including Wynonna Judd, but there is one superstar he is begging to sing with. Who is his dream duet partner?

What To Call Jelly Roll In Public

Jason Bradley DeFord is known to the world as Jelly Roll, the musician who seamlessly jumped from a career in rap to becoming one of the hottest country singers right now. He first gained attention in 2023 with the release of his Whitsitt Chapel album featuring the lead single, “Save Me.”

His career blew up practically overnight. He recently told the Taste of Country Nights podcast that he still goes to his local grocery store despite his stardom. The “Son of a Sinner” singer said that people approach him to say hi but rarely ask for photos.

Jelly Roll/Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

But if you see him out in public, don’t call him Jelly Roll. He has a nickname he prefers.

“If you know me, or feel like you know me, you call me Jelly. I respond better to Jelly than Jelly Roll. If you say Jelly Roll, I kinda go, ‘Aww sh*t.'”

Surprise Collaboration With Iconic Rapper

Jelly Roll recently took the stage in a surprise collaboration with rapper Eminem. It seems the two have a lot in common, including changing their nicknames. Eminem popularized an alter ego called Slim Shady decades ago but is apparently tired of the nickname. He is slated to release an album this year titled The Death of Slim Shady.

The rapper was a surprise guest at NBC’s recent special Live From Detroit: The Concert at Michigan Central. Jelly Roll joined him on the stage, an opportunity he later told Entertainment Tonight was one of the “coolest moments” of his career.

The concert special aired on NBC last week but is still available to stream on Peacock.

But there is another music superstar that Jelly Roll hasn’t performed with yet. Who is his dream duet partner?

Jelly Roll Begs To Sing With Country Music Superstar

Jelly Roll has already performed with some of the biggest names in music. He was joined on stage at the 2023 CMA Awards by the legendary Wynonna Judd. He also has a frequent collaborator in Lainey Wilson.

Jelly Roll and Wynonna Judd/Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

But there is one country superstar he is begging to perform with before his career is over. Who is it?

The one and only Garth Brooks.

“I still wanna record a song with Garth Brooks,” he revealed on Good Morning America. He added that he’s still “campaigning” to make it happen.

“Garth, we know each other. I love you,” he begged.

Garth Brooks has yet to respond to Jelly Roll’s request, but knowing Garth Brooks, it is almost sure to happen. Do you think the singer will fulfill Jelly Roll’s request?

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