Fans Think Ella Langley And Riley Green Are Dating

Riley Green and Ella Langley
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Fans think that there is something more going on between Ella Langley and Riley Green. The two are coming out with a new song together. However, the chemistry between the two seems to be undeniable. Riley Green has been a fan favorite since he started. Now, they are starting to feel that way about Ella Langley too. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Riley Green And Ella Langley Come Out With New Song

Riley and Ella are coming out with a new song called “You Look Like You Love Me”. Ella Langley has been posting teasers of the song all over TikTok. Fans have been sharing it as well. People love how the song sounds more like older country and not pop. Listeners are happy to see the women in the country music world making such great music. It was uncertain if Riley was going to be in the song or if he just performed it with her one time. However, it has been revealed that he in fact is in the song.

Riley Green and Ella Langley
Riley Green and Ella Langley

Fans Think The Two Are Dating

Now, fans think the two have a lot of chemistry and could be dating. They have been giving their opinions on TikTok.

  • “Ain’t no way I could do this and not fall in love with Riley 😩🤣”
  • “Are we interrupting somethin👀”
  • “Country music’s next power couple?👀 callin it rn”
  • “Yeah can u get married already”
  • “I would make the first move when it comes to ole Riley”
  • “They would be cute together in my opinion”

Fans are in love with Riley Green. Ella Langley is also coming up in the music world. This song is going to be popular. Fans want to see the two as a couple so badly. It is something fans would support in an instant. They would be a power couple in the country music world. Riley has girls drooling over him, how is Ella not?


a girl making the first move, y/n? #youlooklikeyouloveme @Riley Green

♬ you look like you love me – Ella Langley & Riley Green

It seems that this new song is romantic, and fans love it. People cannot wait for this song to come out on June 21st. “You Look Like You Love Me” is going to be on the charts. Fans are already dying to hear the full version. Ella and Riley are going to have a lot of streams after this comes out. Are you excited to hear the song? Do you think the two are dating? Sound off in the comments below.

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