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It appears Jelly Roll will not be going duck hunting with Riley Green anytime in the near future. Riley Green has made the decision the “I Need A Favor” singer is not a good companion for duck hunting. There is a good reason for Green’s decision.

Jelly Roll’s Personality Flaw?

Jelly Roll is not perfect. He has admitted that on numerous occasions. However, Riley Green found a personality flaw that many might not consider to be a personality flaw. Personality flaw or not, it is going to keep him from duck hunting with Green.

“Ya know, he’s a pretty jovial guy,” Riley Green explained in a recent interview. “He’s kinda out loud, so I don’t know if he can be still and quiet long enough.”


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Duck hunters know to be successful duck hunters they must be very quiet and very still. Hunting usually takes several hours. Riley Green, who is quite the duck hunter, understands this. He also understands Jelly Roll and his happy and loud personality. Hunting and someone with such a big personality would probably not be a good mix. It is quite possible he has no interest in duck hunting either way.

Jelly Roll Will Be Just Fine Without Duck Hunting

The country music superstar does not need duck hunting to lead a fulfilling life. The former rapper-turned-country-megastar has a brilliant country music career. He has a large (and loyal!) fan base. Jelly Roll’s fans love his happy and loud personality. They don’t see it as personality flaw.

It was recently announced Jelly Roll would be part of a special exhibit in the Country Music Hall of Fame. It is an exhibit that honors the contributions to the country music industry from the year before. With an honor like that, he may not even miss duck hunting.

Would Jelly Roll Have Time To Go Hunting?

Jelly Roll is a very busy man. He has a lot going on in his life at the moment With everything he has going on, it is doubtful the “Son Of A Sinner” singer would even have the time to go duck hunting with Riley Green.

Jelly Roll has new jam-packed tour this year. He will be on the road much of his time. Riley Green, whose Instagram handle is “RileyDuckMan,” may not have enough for duck hunting as well. He is also on tour this year. With or without Jelly Roll, Riley might end up missing quite a bit, if not all, of duck hunting season.

Tell us what you think. Do you think he would be a good duck hunter? Do you think he could contain his big personality long enough to go hunting for ducks? Sound off in the comment section below.


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