Maren Morris Taking Mask Off In New Julia Michaels Duet

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Maren Morris is admitting that she is taking her mask off in a new Julia Michaels duet. The singer has been exploring who she truly is since she and her husband, Ryan Hurd split. So, what is in store for her new single and upcoming EP? Keep reading for more details on what Maren is cooking up.

Maren Morris Taking Mask Off In New Julia Michaels Duet

It’s been quite the year for Maren Morris. She shared she was leaving the world of country music due to a difference in beliefs. It was too toxic for her but then she backtracked and explained she was not actually leaving. She just was not being put into a box. She also announced that she and her husband, Ryan Hurd were parting ways. This was a big shock as they had been married for five years and had a son. It was a quick divorce and she has since been working on a five-song EP.

Maren Morris
Maren Morris-YouTube

Along with music, Maren has been working on herself. In June 2024, she shared she was bisexual so it feels like she is really coming into herself as a woman. Now, the performer is opening up about her new single, “Cut!,” a duet with Julia Michaels. She is leaning into who she is but also feels like she is taking her mask off in a way. According to People, the thirty-four-year-old has this to say about the single:

“‘Cut!’ is about me holding myself together through the day, looking well-rested, not a hair out of place, not canceling any plans with friends because that’s how well I want you to think I’m doing.”

Essentially, she is putting on a facade but underneath, she is crumbling. This is very relatable for busy, overwhelmed, and overworked people of all genders who just want presentation to be key.

She went on to add the truth behind it all and what she goes through when the sun goes down:

“Perhaps those things are all true, but at night I let the mask slip and let myself scream or fall apart to let the steam out of the kettle. It’s a cathartic release that doesn’t require secrecy, but there are worldly expectations to keep it together despite your feelings. This song gives me permission to fall apart.”

This is the second time that Maren has worked with Julia Michaels. Michaels helped to co-write “Circles Around This Town” from 2022’s Humble Quest.

Popping On

Now that Maren Morris is leaning into her authentic self, she will show that in her new EP. It is called Intermission and will be released on August 2nd. As of now, it is being billed as a pop album but fans will make their own conclusions if that is an accurate labeling. For now, Maren just seems happy writing and singing her truth. She has always been an LGBTQ+ ally and now it is even more personal. Hopefully, fans will receive this album as well as they have her others but time will tell. “Cut!” is out now on all streaming platforms.

Are you excited to hear Maren’s new EP? More so, do you feel that this one is extremely relatable? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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