Maren Morris Trashed Whole Album After Life Crisis

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For any Maren Morris fans wondering when a new album is coming out, the singer recently revealed a startling revelation. Morris scrapped an entire album after her life went belly up. So, what else do we know about this?

Maren Morris Had Her Life Turned Upside Down

Maren Morris has gone through nothing short of a metamorphosis following everything she has been through in her life recently. Morris got into an online feud with Brittany Aldean (the wife of Jason Aldean) over comments Aldean made that Morris saw as transphobic.

That online feud rippled through the country community. That was the least of Maren’s worries, considering what she had to deal with at home. In many ways, the life she had before is gone, and something completely new has taken its place.

Maren Morris
Maren Morris/YouTube

Morris Split From Her Husband, Ryan Hurd

In addition to online beefs, Maren Morris was also dealing with a crumbling situation at home. Her marriage to Ryan Hurd was falling apart. The pair finalized their divorce in January 2024. It’s clear Maren Morris is still dealing with the aftermath of that loss, as well as adjusting to her new reality of being single.

Morris and Hurd married in 2018. One of the things they did, aside from being married, was write music together. One popular track that comes to mind for many listeners is the pair’s hit, Chasing After You.

In the song, the pair sing about coming back to a toxic relationship even when you know it isn’t good for you. For a time, these two more than likely lived what the song describes. However, as of January 2024, they broke the cycle, as the couple’s divorce was officially finalized.

Singer Scrapped A Whole Album, Starting From Scratch?

Everything Maren Morris has been through hasn’t just impacted her emotionally. All the things she has been dealing with in her life have impacted her creatively as well. Morris said recently: “I had basically a whole record done, and then my life imploded.”

Maren Morris added: “I sort of am back to square one, which is not that scary to me anymore because…nothing could shake me at this point.”

Albums often reflect where an artist is at the time that they write and record the material. With all the changes Morris has been through in her life, it seems the batch of songs that could have become an album was just not doing it for her. Instead, she decided to start over.

Maren Morris-YouTube
Maren Morris-YouTube

Maren Morris released a surprise cover of Billy Idol’s 1981 hit Dancing With Myself recently. It was the perfect choice for her, as someone who is navigating life solo after her marriage ended. Morris is taking the “out with the old, in with the new” approach to several aspects of her life, and the songwriting process is just one example of where she decided to clean the slate and start again.

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