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Morgan Wallen is one of the biggest names in country music today. Not surprisingly, he has rabid fans who come to his shows to see him perform live. Recently, during one of these live shows, the Last Night singer was hit in the face by a shocking object. So, what was it?

Morgan Wallen One Of The Biggest Stars On The Planet

If you’re a fan of country music, it’s impossible not to know who Morgan Wallen is. Even for music listeners who don’t dip into the country music genre as part of their playlist, they’ve likely heard of Wallen through his numerous collaborations with other artists.

One such collaboration that comes to mind is Wallen’s duet with Post Malone as part of Malone’s upcoming country record. When you’re asked to make a guest appearance on a Post Malone track for his foray into country music, you know you’re doing something right.

Morgan Wallen/Credit: YouTube
Morgan Wallen/Credit: YouTube

Wallen’s One Night At A Time Tour A Huge Success

Morgan Wallen is no stranger to filling stadiums and packing arenas. He is doing just that right now on his current One Night At A Time Tour. Wallen is playing in cities all over, and bringing his particular brand of rebel, whiskey-drinking country to the masses.

Despite his bad-boy, rebel image, Morgan Wallen has a soft spot, too. This is especially true for the causes that he cares about. Through his foundation, Wallen donated $100k recently to help renovate Little League baseball fields in Jefferson City.

This is the same place that Wallen used to play in his youth. The money came directly through his ticket sales, as a portion of those sales are funneled through his foundation for worthy causes just like this one.

Morgan Wallen
Morgan Wallen/YouTube

Whiskey Glasses Singer Hit By Shocking Projectile, What Was It?

While performing in Minnesota recently, Wallen played a show at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. While going about his business on stage and entertaining the crowd packed into the arena, a blue thong came out of nowhere and hit the singer in the face.

Now, throwing things like bras on the stage has become synonymous with rock and roll and the overall rockstar image. However, a blue thong from an audience member is completely different, especially when you consider where it has been. WATCH: Fan throws underwear at Morgan Wallen, he throws them back! #MorganWallen #CountryMusic #viral #concert ♬ Wind Up Missin’ You – Tucker Wetmore

Not losing his composure, Wallen grabbed hold of the audience projectile and threw it into the crowd in the opposite direction. Other than being frazzled momentarily at best, Wallen quickly recovered and kept the show going. If anything, this is another viral moment caught on video that will only add to his bad-boy persona.

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