Mystery Lady Caught With Miranda Lambert’s Husband Breaks Silence

Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin Instagram
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Miranda Lambert’s husband Brendan McLoughlin has been making headlines in the rumor mill over the past 24 hours. He was reportedly at Miranda’s bar in Nashville, Casa Rosa. He was seen with a mystery woman that was not his wife. Now, this mystery lady is speaking out. What is she saying about the incident? Keep reading to find out more.

Mystery Woman Speaks Out About Encounter With Miranda Lambert’s Husband

Brendan McLoughlin is most likely in hot water with his bride Miranda Lambert. A video made its way around TikTok which showed a mystery woman dancing in front of him at Casa Rosa. There was one point they were also having a conversation while his arm was reportedly draped around her.

The video which has really sparked conversation around the internet has since been deleted. Now, the mystery woman is speaking out and sharing exactly what happened.

In Touch spoke to the mystery lady who asked to remain anonymous. The woman told the news outlet, “Earlier in the night, we noticed him in the roped-off section at the front of the bar. We recognized him, and we all thought it was cool that he was there, and mentioned hoping for a Miranda appearance. We went back to enjoying our night, drinking and dancing with each other and just having a good time.”

Brendan McLoughlin and Miranda Lambert via Instagram
Brendan McLoughlin and Miranda Lambert via Instagram

The group of ladies got closer to the area he was in and asked him for a photo. He gladly agreed and the ladies thanked him. Then, the mystery lady said, “Somehow, later, we were let into the roped-off section where he was. I’m not sure how that was initiated or happened. We were all dancing together and laughing and talking, thanking him for helping to make our bride-to-be’s night so special and fun.”

She went on to say he was very kind and did laugh a lot with them because they are a silly bunch. They were just dancing and being goofy.


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Nothing Inappropriate Happened

The mystery woman continued her story saying that there was never anything inappropriate between Miranda Lambert’s husband and them. There was no vibe that was other than friendly, innocent dancing and talking.

She went on to say that Brendan was never flirty at all with them. She said the bar was loud and it was hard to hear anything being said, The mystery woman maintained that he was never suggestive or anything other than friendly during the time they chatted. He reportedly left about an hour and a half before the group of women did.

The viral video showed what appeared to be PDA as the woman had her head turned away from the camera and had her hand on his face.

She defended this by saying that she does this out of habit. She said, “It’s a silly, unconscious habit that I have, and I am responsible for how that may have appeared to the outside world. I never intended it suggestively, probably more ‘motherly,’ as that’s who I am, but that isn’t something that should reflect badly on him at all.”

The woman felt bad that Brendan and Miranda Lambert were dealing with something that was completely innocent. So far Brendan nor Miranda have addressed the speculation publicly.

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