Jelly Roll’s Wife, Bunnie XO, Gives IVF Update

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Jelly Roll’s wife, Bunnie XO, is sharing an IVF update with her followers. Recently, she shared that they were traveling down that avenue and hoped to have a child in the near future. Now, the blonde bombshell is spilling more details on where they are in the journey. Keep reading for more details.

Jelly Roll’s Wife, Bunnie XO, Gives IVF Update

It appeared that Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO were quite content raising their daughter, Bailee Ann, now 16. They also had partial custody of his son, Noah, and the family was complete. Jelly had even said they were making life plans as the duo had achieved all they had wanted with their five-year plan.  Additionally, Jelly is on a health journey after losing around seventy pounds preparing for his first 5K. Now that he is getting ready for his Beautifully Broken Tour, starting in August 2024, he wants to drop even more weight which is amazing.

Bunnie XO, Jelly Roll-YouTube
Bunnie XO, Jelly Roll-YouTube

However, it seems that there is one more thing missing from Jelly’s life with Bunnie. The two recently decided that they would like to have a baby together. Though Bailee refers to Bunnie as her mother, she is actually Jelly’s daughter from a previous relationship. Yet, the two have full custody of her and no one can tell Bunnie that is not her child. At the same time, the couple would like to have a child that is a part of both of them. They will undergo IVF and now, Bunnie is sharing more about how that is going on her podcast.

Bunnie XO-YouTube
Bunnie XO-YouTube

She explained that this is not something new for them and it started in 2019. However, Bunnie was not in a good place mentally and was dealing with suicidal depression. Plus, she was new to her sobriety journey so it was not the right time. Fast forward to 2024 and, admittedly, she has her down days but she is in a far better place. The goal is for her not to carry the child as they will use a surrogate. Bunnie says she cannot have pregnancy hormones mess with her.

@xomgitsbunnie We cover it ALL on today’s season finale – OUT NOW 🎙️👱‍♀️ #jellyandbunnie #ivf #surrogate ♬ original sound – Bunnie Xo 🪄

No One Will Know

Bunnie XO added that, from this point on, no one will know about the babies until they are actually here. Fans were so thrilled with this update that they immediately headed to the comment section:

  • okay but are the boys gonna be Jellybuns or Bunnierolls?!! that’s the big question! We all love and support you guys along this journey ❤️can’t wait to see what greatest your futures hold!
  • Yes keep it private and enjoy each moment. We will be here when you are ready. Love you both! 🌺
  • Congratulations on your guys journey!! Excited for Lil Bunnie Rolls!!

Others shared their IVF experiences which was sweet and encouraging. Hopefully, everything works out smoothly for Bunnie and Jelly Roll so they can get all they want and more.

Are you excited to learn about what they are doing and why? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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